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    Season 1 Who is that?

    This pic was on Vaughns desk when Syd was in his office, but who is she??? Picture Here
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    Diabetes Questionnaire

    Please can you answer all of the (relevant) questions. It would be great if you can answer them eben if you are not diabetic. This is just for a school project I am doing, so it is what you already know. If you have any questions you can PM me, or otherwise just post your questions. Thank you so...
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    Random #188

    I got to make the Random thread...*sigh* Isn't it awesome!!! Post my pretties...mwahahahahaha!!!
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    What Would I Do Without You?

    A/N: It’s probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done, starting a fic on the eve of a new season premiere, but I haven’t seen it yet (stupid foreign country) so if all my facts are wrong excuse me. I apologise. This is set after Syd goes missing and stuff. So post-season 2 finale. Oh, and if...
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    Okay, I looked it up a while back, and they said it was only coming out in April, but for some unknown reason , Alias is coming to my country next week!!! I'm so excited I could scream! *Screams*
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    ~*~*~S/W Shippers~*~*~

    Okay, so here's the thing. We all think that S/W belong together, and in the land of S/V shippers, ours doesn't get any respect, so now...S/W SHIPPERS UNITE!!!
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    *~*Random #120*~*

    Hello! :lol: Hopeless self promotion, what can I say! :lol: The Link is here: -&nbspallalias Resources and Information. So come on it! Please!!!!!! See you all around. I have to go, but I made the new thread! :lol: :P
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    Random #102

    Hehehe...anybody who knows what that says can have points! :lol:
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    Links in Sigs?

    So, do you click on the links in ppls sigs? Do you look at their sigs? Is their anypoint in me putting a link in my sig? If I do put a link, will somebody follow it?
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    Random #92

    New Random Will Tippin do! :wub:
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    The Hot Nanny

    So is that really her in friends? Molly I think her name is? What can anybody tell me about her on friends? I'm only watching the beginning of the season (with Freddie PJ). How much longer do I have to wait, and is it worth the wait, or should I spoil myself?
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    Love in Waiting

    Okay, so this is just something I wrote during English, and I thought I would share it :D Love in Waiting For two years I waited, hoping you would return. I wanted to see you. It was from you I’d learn. Who I truly was, Alive inside of me, All just for you. Within you, I’m free. For two years...
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    Random #77

    New random thread, hope you don't mind the stupidness of the title! :rolleyes: And this is the first Random thread I've made...hope you like it! :D :P ^_^ And be happy today! I know I am! EDIT BY CHARLIE: Random 76 (please remember to link to the previous thread when starting a new one!)
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    Canadian Intelligence

    I know there are a lot of Canadians out there who want to join the CIA, but can't, because we aren't American, so here is the webpage for the CSIS: Canadian Security Intelligence Service Check it out and see what you think!
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    All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

    Chapter One But First, a message from our sponsors: This is a humorous fic (hopefully!) with the intention of making you laugh. And while these beloved characters are trapped up they gain a better understanding of each other. Sorta. Maybe. Okay, not really, but they should be. During this...
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    The Bachelorette Party

    Here's the bachelorette party, which goes hand in hand with the wedding. We wish All our brides to be all the best! So who is bringing what? EDIT:I fixed do that it is where we can all have a good time, no matter who is to be married!
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    Demi Moore

    Cuz Demi is an amazing actress, who has been through so much, and deserves a thread on AA!!! Here's her filmography, talk about any or all of these movies, or anything else you know of! Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) • Passion of Mind (2000) • Deconstructing Harry (1997) •...
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    A Story of Friendship

    A/N: I am omnipotent, and am expressing what they feel, and if they don’t really feel this, then tough, because they feel like this in the little ‘Alias’ script in my head. Pairing: To a minute degree there is a tiny smidge of a hint of S/V, but nothing happens, so don’t get worked up about it...
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    Catcher in the Rye

    I am studying this book, and it's meaning is a little lost on me. Can somebody please help me with this at all???
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    We Are Canadian!

    I just thougt I'd make a little corner where ppl can be Canadian and act Canadian, because I am Canadian!!! If you aren't Canadian, we can dub you an honorary Canuck!!! Come on...cuz Canadians are amazing!!!!