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  1. ExcellenceComp

    Weed Legalization!

    The government wont allow it, because the BIG drug dealers cut the government a check to keep it illegal. To increase their prices.
  2. ExcellenceComp

    Request Joker: Pick Up (Signature)

    Hope you like it, any problems please contact me.
  3. ExcellenceComp

    Request Joker Sig

    Got this one.
  4. ExcellenceComp

    Drama Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye I have not yet seen, sounds ok. Besides the predictable part, everyone should go see "Quarantine". =] Sincerely, ExcellenceComp
  5. ExcellenceComp


    I say nothing is going to happen, this was all based of the word to word quote "All Games Never go Past 2012". I say it's total bs.
  6. ExcellenceComp

    C & C New Signature!

    Tell me what you guys think.
  7. ExcellenceComp

    Request Request *Needs Designer*

    Fixed - Link for Render is below. Link:
  8. ExcellenceComp

    GFX A Userbar Competition! All are welcome to Enter!

    New Entry: Doesn't look as good as xFactors, but I try.
  9. ExcellenceComp

    yo sweet site

    Welcome BrutaLity18, Hope you enjoy your stay here, we know you will. Thank you for registering, and hope to see you around. Sincerely, ExcellenceComp
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    GFX A Userbar Competition! All are welcome to Enter!

    Remaking entry's to evoartstudios. Thank you for hosting this contest hopefully I win.
  11. ExcellenceComp

    GFX Adobe CS4

    I hope we can upgrade for free, since CS4 is going to come out soo early.
  12. ExcellenceComp

    Request iLLusiv3 tRauma: Logo and Avatar

    Thanks. Will do Quickshot =] more to come.
  13. ExcellenceComp

    Request iLLusiv3 tRauma: Logo and Avatar

    Logo: Avatar: Comments: Hope you like it, sorry for the delay. If you don't like something on it, I can change it. Sincerely, ExcellenceComp
  14. ExcellenceComp

    Request SavageDynasty: Banner (400x175)

    Image: Comments: Hope you like it, didn't see your website till after. Colors match. If any problem please notify me either by replying, or sending me a PM (Private Messege). Sincerely, ExcellenceComp
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    Request Website banner *Needs Designer*

    Done, dropped off in forum "Pick-Ups". Thank you for choosing EvoArt Studios as your Graphic Designer forum.
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    Request Obey Pick-Up: Sig&Avatar

    Thanks for the cover as I was away from my desk, Quickshot. Yes I will set the Obey towards the middle, and hopefully I can do it asap. I need a type of font that allows "ยฎ". Also the size I seen, but since the 400x300 was in parenthesis I thought you requested that size. Sorry for the...
  17. ExcellenceComp

    Request Logo and Avatar, Plz :) *Completed*

    Dropped-Off in the Pick-Up section. Hope you like it.
  18. ExcellenceComp

    Request Obey Pick-Up: Sig&Avatar

    Avatar: Signature:
  19. ExcellenceComp

    GFX EAStudios Banner Entries

    Quick entry. Don't know if a banner could take the whole page so I only did part. Revised:
  20. ExcellenceComp

    GFX Quick competition for you guys

    Site has moved. I think the contest is over, but if not I'm in.