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    Sorry for my Absence

    For those who have enjoyed my stories in the RP thread section I thought I would explain why I haven't continued writing there. For those not interested, dont bother replying please, this is for those 1100+ who read my stories. I originally became interested in HJ because of the unique gaming...
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    Magefire: The beginning

    The cold autumn wind blew lazily across the forest floor, stirring leaves, causing them to glide across the worn path Duraenos travelled. Steadily he made his way up the trail that followed the mountainside at an angle yet seemed carved from the mountain leaving an even path to tread upon. "Why...
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    In search of a guild

    Hello everyone, Granted, I have searched alot of the guild sites and have found quite a few interesting. Although here is the dilemma. To save myself the trouble of posting numerous times on many guild sites, looking to join, when in fact, those guilds are as dead as ghost towns and get no reply...