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    Undercover: Sydney Bristow's Disguises

    This is wicked cool! I totally agree with you SydB JenG. That would be awesome. :ninja:
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    Best animated feature film

    Ice Age was the best! I loved it! :ninja:
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    Best Picture

    I voted LOTR but it'll probably be Chiago. It's already won a bunch of awrds. :ninja:
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    Season 2 Quotes

    My have favorite part was when Marshall met Irina. "Your daughter is awesome." and "WOW, you're tough." :ninja:
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    Season 2 A Dark Turn Reaction

    I was a great ep! I just wish that there would have been more Vaughn moments, but hey I always wish that there were moer Vaughn moments. :) :ninja:
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    Tomboy Clique

    I like choclate chip muffins but not chocolate muffins. :ninja:
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    Tomboy Clique

    cool thanks, now I feel dumb that I didn't realized that. :ninja:
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    Tomboy Clique

    Ice mmmm that's a good one.....with cookie dough. One of my friends works for Baskin Robins so when she works I get free ice cream. I gotta see if she's working tonight. :ninja:
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    Tomboy Clique

    What kind of fruit is high priced and disgusting? :ninja:
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    Tomboy Clique

    Where can you find that out? I wanna know where I stand. :ninja:
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    Tomboy Clique

    mmm food. Whoo Hoo less than a hour left of work then I get to go home and then go out agian to have some fun. I think that has some pretty good caps. :ninja:
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    Signature Requests

    Cool thanks mucho. However I'm still wanting out an animated one for anyone who is willing to make one for me. Thanks again! :ninja:
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    Tomboy Clique

    See ya. Have fun. :ninja:
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    Season 2 A Dark Turn PREaction

    Maybe Evil Francie is found out? :ninja:
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    Tomboy Clique

    That's interesting topic. But research for two days....borring. I had to do a speech yesterday and kept on changing my topic the night before it was due. Still got an A thought so that's all what matters. :ninja:
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    Tomboy Clique

    LOL I remember when I had to do a research paper. When I was done I was like if I here steroid abuse one more time someone is going to get hurt. I hate doing research papers, they're boring. :ninja:
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    Tomboy Clique

    I have a mac at home and I can't stand it! It's slow and dumb! What are you supposed to researching? :ninja:
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    WHat does everyone look like?

    I am 5'9" with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I look like I'm white with a tan but I'm really a racial mix of European, Spanish, and Mexican. I'm techinquely impaired and have no scanner so sorry, no pic. I liked your pic Nic.
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    Tomboy Clique

    If you enjoy what you're doing and are doing it cause you want to then that's dedication. Sorry you're getting yelled at.
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    Tomboy Clique

    You take voice lessons VK? I didn't know that, do you want to be a singer? That's cool. :ninja: