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    Hi Everyone!

    hi, i`m also new to this forum.
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    i fear of cockroaches
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    Santa Claus Vs. Jesus Christ

    old tails never die.... it is the human nature to believe in things. we will continue to believe in those things even if we will leave earth and live on mars and be half humans and half robots. there are some things that will never change in our nature - for good or for bad.
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    When do you sleep?

    11:30 and i need to get up on 7:00 so not too much time to sleep
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    Dream car

    ofcours! but it has to be in RED color :)
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    Dream job

    mine is to work with nature, maybe to save beach corals by diving all day long :)
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    Life Plan?

    to make lots of money :)
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    i also be fan of halloween i usually dress like a SCARY CLOWN :)
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    favourite subject

    i like deep blue like the ocean
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    i like seo forums to learn new tricks on how to make my sites better
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    Favorite day of the week?

    Friday because i can sleep longer :)
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    What would you like on your gravestone?

    "i`ll be right back"
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    Forums vs. Social networking sites

    i also prefer forums, social sites are to much big and very confusing with updating useless status all the time
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    Web browser

    i use firefox with lots of plugins!
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    Facebook vs Twitter

    i like twiiter, it is short and to the point
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    Web Stuff Easy Backlinks

    think links are only good to index your sites, they dont have any link value it is just statistic database of other sites so it`s not like a real link.
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    Web Stuff What is your pagerank?

    i have sites with pr=0 and other with pr=4 i dont think it matter, i better go for high ranking on the serp
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    Web Stuff Do you care about PageRank?

    i dont care about pr. people look at pr just to know with which sites to exchange links but i also think it useless
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    Web Stuff Some SEO tips

    my tip: get lots of relevant links from web 2.0 sites
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    Web Stuff Do you use Google Webmaster Tools?

    i use it but only to submit sitemap and verify my sites.i rally dont need all the options there.