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    Season 5 Important News regarding Michael Vartan/Vaughn

    Wekk I'm glad he is gone. Vaught has been a pest since season 3. Lets be real Garner got him axed because of Affleck. I now respect Afflect more, because the dead weight is gone. Although the way J.J handled it was wrong. Just be honest, and say he is dead after the episode aired. Don't insult...
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    Season 5 ! Official Summary from ABC ! (does not mention the word &quot

    At this point just say he is dead and stop spinning it. There is no way anyone can get shot like he did and survive, To bring him back now shows the writers have no backbone. If your going to do a controversial story, you must live with the consequences. Vaughn is dead, I'll be pissed if he...
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    Season 5 Sydney Spoiler

    If the show goes past a 5th season Garner will be back. She has another 3 years on her contract. The question is not whether Garner will be back, but whether Alias will be back. Alias is pointless without Sydney.
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    Season 5 voice our opinion!

    I am hoping Vaughn is killed off. The show needs some juice , with its new very competitive time slot. The who killed Vaughn arch would be a wonderful story arch for a pregnant Sydney. I mean why else would Sydney stay with the cia while she is pregnant, she can't even go after Sloane now. Her...
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    Season 5 Important News regarding Michael Vartan/Vaughn

    I'm one of the few who wants Vaughn to be dead? Its time to shake things up. Plus storyline wise Sydney looking to find out her baby's fathers killer is the only reasonable way to go with the Garner being a pregnant spy. I mean her being an active spy, while she is pregnant needs to be...