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    Season 3 "Do you really think the CIA couldn't find you?"

    Ok, so, Lauren said a lot of things during the battle with Syd. I get the pawn thing: "We're both pawns in the same game. The only difference is I know who controlls me!" Lauren was obviuosly talking about Elena. Lauren was working for her and Elena was mostly controlling Syd through the...
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    Season 5 Who is Gordon Dean working for?

    Okay, so the episode description says that 'APO is trying to find out who is Dean working for and what their endgame is'. I doubt we're gonna find out so early in the season but what are your guesses so far? I'd say Rambaldi. He still hasn't been mentioned this season but the Rambaldi sign in...
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    Season 5 Who is the frozen old guy? (no spoilers)

    So, who do you think it is? NO SPOILERS PLEASE! ;) It was obviously an old guy, judging my the grey hair... I think it's Bill Vaughn or Rambaldi. I voted Bill Vaughn because it makes much sense, since he's part of the Prophet Five story. But so is Mueller who originated the project. I added...