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    C & C My logo attempt for my clan

    Pretty good if it's your first attempt. :) Try adding some effects to the text. It looks way too simple at the moment imho. ;)
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    Share Your Achievement With Us!!

    Hmm, well I got a spot in Java and C++ programming lessons in University of Helsinki along with my normal highschool schedule. :) I'm so happy!
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    Computer Speed

    2.67ghz . It's pretty fast, but the graphics card is weak so I can't play high quality games on it. That's why I have PS3. :P
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    Website you own

    I own two websites and I'm working on my 3rd atm. :)
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    Which mobile phone has the best sound?

    Nokia N95. Believe me, that phone has the strongest sound ever.
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    3D experience?

    I've tried the new samsung 3D TV. I have to say that the experience is great, but I still prefer the old normal TVs as I already have my own glasses so I'll have to wear two glasses in order to use it! :D However, 3D cinema experience is amazing. I watched lots of movies in 3D, and Avatar is...
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    Ask me a question

    Still at school... Having fun with the international baccalaureate :D Are you in love with someone atm?
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    C & C Ctrl+'s Tag wall.

    Amazing photos and effects! Nicely done! :D
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    Favorite Console

    I saw someone using Playstation move today. I have to say that it looks great and has a lot of potential imo. Can't wait to buy one! :D
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    Favorite Song?

    Exactly. They're too many to list and the list changes every day for me! :D Some would be: We are the people - Empire of the sun Sinfonia in D minor - Bach The Unforgiven - Metallica Resistance - Muse Nocturne in E flat major - Chopin
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    C & C new one

    It looks unique, but yeah, the border is too thick imo.
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    Some Cool Photos of Mine

    The 7th photo is amazing! Actually they're all amazing! Keep up the good work, and don't forget to share your new photos with us! :D
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    I'm a fluent html/css speaker (!), and I know mysql pretty well. I also know some javascript and basic php. :)
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    C & C My Big Bang

    Thanks! Well, I only worked on this for around two hours. It's actually a basic sketch for my last art project. :)
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    PS3 vs xbox

    PS3 gets my vote, because: - It supports up to 7 controllers - Built-in wifi - Blueray! :D - Free online gaming - Hardware is more powerful than Xbox360 - Great exclusive titles - Did I mention free online gaming? :D - A complete media center, supporting media servers, many formats of audio...
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    Music Inspiration thread!

    Hmm, I'd say: I don't love this song, but it gives me a lot of energy whenever I listen to it. :) Hahaha! :D It's actually nice. :)
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    If you could play any instrument...

    I've been playing the piano since I can remember. :) I chose it because it's a great instrument for composers, and it has beautiful pieces. I also love its sound. It's so relaxing. :) It's a great instrument imo, but it's a pretty hard instrument to master. It's easy to learn the basics, but...
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    C & C My Best 3 Pieces

    You have a unique style in your works Lukas. Keep it up! :) I really like them all, even the last two which aren't finished, according to what you wrote. :D The Timeshift one is pretty nice, but it looks a bit empty imo. ;) The other two are great.
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    C & C My Big Bang

    This is my big bang. I made it last year when I was trying to think of ideas for my art project. It shouldn't necessarily refer to the cosmological model. It could be an explosion in mind. An explosion of ideas, plans and creativity. :) Made by Photoshop CS4. Might have made some changes to...
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    Please welcome Aryan

    Haha, I was about to make a thread here! :D Thank you! :) Alright, to make an introduction about my gfx background, I'm Aryan. I use Photoshop CS4, After Effects CS4 and MS-Paint to do my graphics, and I also create 3D videos. :)