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    Who would win in fistfight to the death between these two? No guns or weapons are aloud to be used.
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    Henry's/Ben's offer

    Do you think Jack will take up on Henry/Ben's offer?
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    Why do the others want Walt? Was it revealed who is the leader of the others yet? Taped the season three preimere but haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet.
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    Politics Divorce

    I know how you feel. My parents divorced when I was nine and when I was thirteen my mom moved to florida for a new job. I ended up living with my father. But I just hate the fact I don't get to see my mother that much(I live in New York). Sometimes I hate my mother for leaving me like this. I...
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    I wrote a poem called Unfaithful. I thought I would share it with you guys. Unfaithful I look into his deep blue eyes And realize the feelings I am feeling for him Those were the feelings of love But there was one problem I was with someone else But the last thing I would want to do is hurt...
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    Love Advice

    I really have feelings(love) for this I know from my high school track team Amanda. The problem is she has a boyfriend. Even though she has a boyfriend I can't help but feel the way I do for her. I talk to her about running and all kinds of different stuff. She really is a girl I think I can...
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    Who would you work for?

    If you were evil what organization would you end up working for?
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    Season 5 Who is Gordon Dean working for?

    Maybe its Sark. He is very mysterious. He was angry that Vaughn killed Lauren so he gave the order to kill Vaughn and has been behind Prophet Five from the begginning.
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    Syd vs Renee

    Who would win in a fight between Syd and Renee?
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    Season 5 Prophet Five

    In the episode Kelly Petyon said that abducting Sydney may comphermise there larger agenda. What is Prophet Five really up to?
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    The Prophecy

    Can anyone remind me what Rambaldi's Prophecy was?
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    Season 5 SD-6 Map

    Do you know where I can find the name Prophet Five was looking for?
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    Season 5 Chase/SD-6

    I took a closer look at the SD-6 Map and Chase's name is on it. I wonder if she had anything to do with the alliance or SD-6(That would explain why she trusts Sloane so much). Could she be involed in this hole Prophet Five thing?
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    Season 5 Who is Gordon Dean working for?

    What if its the President? When Sydney questions Curtis about Prophet Five and who gave the order to kill Vaughn he said she would never beliveve her. The twelve sources that make up Prophet Five are embedded inside global government. What if Weiss is the one to betray them since he works for...
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    Lies and Secrets

    Sydney's daughter: Sydney's daughter and her mother have more in common than they think. Isabelle will go through the same things her mother went through. Lies and Secrets Episode 1.01 Isabelle: My name is Isbelle Britsow Vaughn. My mom Sydney Britsow and my father Miachel Vaughn worked for...
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    Prophet Five Theory

    When Sydney is is questioning Curtis to who gave the order to kill Michael Vaughn and who is behind Prophet Five he says she would never believe him if she told her. We know that 12 sources that make up Prophet Five are embedded inside global government. What if the President was the one who...
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    School Mascots

    My high school mascot was the Middie Bear.
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    Season 4 Direction

    And the Cloane is coming back. I cant wait.
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    Hydrosek Water

    What is the Hydrosek Water and what does it do? All I know is that Elena has it now.
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    favorite alias episode

    what is your favorite alias episode youve seen?