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    SAD!!!!!!! i was goint to reply before but I didn't have time so please forgive me...but this is such a great story! Poor sydney! Please let michael help you! What an amazing person to be doing all of that for her sister! I hope that she is able to get away from Jack. Vaughn's a lawyer...maybe...
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    A Lifetime

    Sad!!!! But so so cute! Sorry it took me a while to reply...dang tests! but anyways, I would love a PM for this fic because i can tell it's going to be a great one...I could say that without even reading it because let's face it...all your fics are great! i loved Syd and michael's stories...
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    Sincerely Yours

    Yay!!!! I'm so so so so so excited to read more of this fic! I loved "what about me" and all, but I'm so psyched to start reading this one! syd and michael have really funny personalitlies in it...they're so cute! Please continue to PM me! -Liz
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    What About Me?

    Poor Vaugh...that's Such a scary ting. I wouldn't know personally but my roommate's mom had cancer....same kinda deal...easily treatable. I think it's the word "cancer" that scares people the most. Anything happening to your mom is hard to handle though. I hope syd and Vaughn are a little...
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    What About Me?

    Yay! another great fic! (Not that I'm surprised or anything ;) ) I would love a PM for this looks like it's going to bea lot of fun to read thanks so so so so much! -Liz
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    No Matter What

    Another Very creative plotline that has me hooked from the first chapter! Pm please? I'm loving this b/c it totally reminds me of Commander and Chief and that is like the second greatest show of all time! -Liz
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    Starting Over

    ooohhh!!!!!! more more more more! I love me some angst! PM please!!!!! -Liz
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    Wild Horses

    this is great...I'm excited to learn more about both Sydney and Michael. and I still maintain that forbidden love is hot. p.s. Random comment: i think it's so funny that everyone thinks that 6 kids is a lot. I live in Utah and most people have about three to seven kids. I have a friend who has...
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    Wild Horses

    oooohhhh! Forbidden love! That's SO hot.. haha just kidding, well not really ;) I would love a PM for this always have such creative ideas and i love the varieties of characters and backgrounds! well done -Liz
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    The Weekend

    EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I SOOOOOOOOOOOO have wondered what would have happened after that moment forever if he would have caught up with her! This is so great....and I could't have asked for a better author to write it! YAY!!!!!!! I definitely agree that we need some god ol' season 2 during this sad...
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    Blue Like September Mornings

    wow! I have got to be the slowest person on the planet to just barely be replying to this fic! I love this, and I love It Tkes Two. The changes you've made from the plotline of the movie have been very good. Amanda and Megan are so cute, and Syd is so sweet with them! I hope Michael realizes...
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    My Grown Up Christmas List

    i thought that's what was wrong...poor Sydney! haha I went from poor michael to poor sydney in like a day. I wonder why she thinks she killed it?
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    My Grown Up Christmas List

    Poor Vaughn! This is so sad. I would have NO idea what to do! It would be cool to hear Sydney's point of view...but that would probably give up the plot too soon right? ;) I love that VAughn is still so committed to her...hopefully she sees that too. thanks for the PM! -Liz
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    My Grown Up Christmas List

    This is so great! I love me some angst! Poor Michael! I'd be freaking out! What's wrong with Sydney? I think I have a couple of ideas of what might have happened...but I could b wrong. I would love a PM for this fic! Thanks a bunch! -Liz
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    oh man my comp. is retarded so I couldn't post a review until now...since I'm on my mom's. I would love a PM for this fic! It is so good and I know it's just going to keep getting better! I can't wait until the Olympics! I was at the last Winter olympics (as a spectator) haha and it was such a...
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    I love me some AU!!! PM me please! I'm loving where this is going!
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    Until We Meet Again

    go Sydney!!!!!!!! She's finally found a way out! hopefully she and Vaughn can have some alone-time soon, so they can get to know eachother and become friends....this is getting so good!!!!! wooooh hooooh!!!!!!! muchos love -Liz
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    Until We Meet Again

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I love this! I knew you'd bring in the watch somehow..I mean, come on, it's a Syd/Vaughn fic...but I was still like "awww!" when I read it! I hope he and Syd get some alone time soon...hopefully she can learn to trust him soon enough... Well done as always! -Liz
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    Just One Kiss

    I love that he already had the ring! It makes this so sweet! (not that it wasn't sweet already) I also loved that michael's mom was like "we'll give you some ALONE time"...wonder what they'll do with that? ;) more soon! Thanks for the PM -Liz
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    Until We Meet Again

    I can't believe've done it again: sucked me in with just the first chapter!!!! This is such a creative idea...and I'm psyched for the angst, because despite how people complain...we all secretly thrive on angst! Please continue to PM me...and I'll continue to review as much as...