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    Your Name?

    My name is Kamil, I'm from Pluto.
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    Your average day

    Bank Holiday? Lol, never heard of it. :huh:
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    I used to get 100's daily, but I recently made a new gmail account and only get about 1 or 2.
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    GFX Show Off!

    Props on the designs haney, they're great.
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    Hey sbfc, welcome to the forums. :)
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    Your average day

    Monday - School, Soccer practice after, gym after practice Tuesday - School til 1', Gym until 4, Work until 10, Chill with friends Wednesday - School, Soccer, Gym, Friends Thursday - Work, Gym, Friends Friday - Soccer, Gym, Friends/Party
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    Err, I always do this and call the same exact person, too. My friend's number ends with a 706, and I always think it's 709 for some reason.
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    GFX Show Off!

    Your last name is really Khalifa?! That's awesome. About the designs, I love the menu. It's extremely well done, good job. I might contact you soon about the PSD for that one since I'm in the middle of designing a website and that menu could fit in perfectly.
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    C & C My sigs

    Love the two colors chosen. Good job.
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    Hey, what's up

    Hey guys, I'm .Razz, I saw this forum link on another forum and it looked pretty cool so I decided to sign up. I'm loving the forum so far. Good job.