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    What takes more skill? FPS or RPG?

    Twitch is bad. It takes some getting used to, and no matter how good you are, there's some little punk out there who has no life and can own you by shooting you in the right eye with an arrow across the server. Lame.
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    Changing my Minor?

    I voted for CSci, can't hurt to be better with computers. Minors are worthless anyways. Its like, "This somthing I did, but it means about as much as stubbing my toe." Just a thought. Though I love Sociology (I'm a Physics major)
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    End Game

    Having no end game is ideal. I don't know how logistical it would be. Think GSIII. There literatly was no end game. There was a soft level cap. That would be ideal for me. Always somthing to strive for. Probably won't work for a lot of people, but hey. At any rate, anything but what WoW has...
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    Might as well chime in here... GSIV: A long, long time. 10-11 years, on and off. I left because of Alchemy... wait a minute, we STILL don't have it. :blink: Wolfenstein ET: OK, not necessarily an MMO, but its close, right? I enjoyed ET, I was good at it, but my guild disbanded and that was...
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    Invisibility Cloak?

    "The military has a way of taking nice things and making them evil" -Len Keeler, Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Minnesota, Morris All I'm gonna say on this topic. ;-) Cool, but see the above quote.
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    Breakin' da law...

    :-) Thats not fair, defying all of them... bah. Time to get a new profession, I guess.
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    Breakin' da law...

    So I had spent some considerable time debating what laws of physics I'd like to violate. I think I ended up wanting to violate Lenz's Law, so I could produce infinite amounts of electricity via electromagnetic induction. Get a sweatshop of little kids pushing magnets through coils of wire...
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    Who Killed the Electric Car?

    If the hydrogen cars don't operate on combustion, what do they operate on? The combustion of hydrogen is the cleanest combustion there is. You burn hydrogen and get water. 2H2 + O2 -> 2H2O Granted I'm not a chemist, but thats how I always understood the process. At any rate, anything is...
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    My Rant for the Night

    Seconded. Women suck. Don't bother. I don't anymore. (No offense ladies)
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    Post a picture of you.

    Here's a picture of myself. I'm going crazy, pretty sure this was a week before finals, kinda like... the day before everything and their mother was due.
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    Introduce yourself thread!

    Yeah, so I'm not quite on the ball these days... heh. Forgive my really late introduction. I'm Vidisidus, or Vidi for short. Though people call me Ryan, Juancho, Juanch, and Heyyou. I'm currently a junior at the University of Minnesota, Morris majoring in Physics. My jobs include running the...