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    Family Matters

    With Steve Irckle! I'm not sure if this was an 80's or 90's show, but it was around there! Who remembers it? And has anyone actually visited the Family MAtter's house? I always loved Steve. His geek-ness always made me laugh, but his snort-laugh sort of crept me out. Anyone remember where he...
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    Anyone see the new movie yet?

    I haven't gotten a chance to see it yet, but has anyone else? I heard from a lot of people that it was good, but not as good as the original. Should have figured - nothing beats the original, huh?
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    Ace of Cakes

    A GREAT show on Food Network! A man named Duff makes these AMAZING cakes! I saw one before on food network and had no idea it was cake! I'm not sure of a time or schedule for when it comes on, other than try later at night. It's awesome because they work on the cakes and you get to see how...
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    Who Likes KITT?

    Okay, I can't be the only one who loves that car! I mean, it does amazing things, pretty much drives itself and can even talk! Plus, it's just a really sleek and awesome looking car overall! I wish I had a car like Kitt!
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    Fans of Bender UNITE!

    Aside from Zoidberg, Bender is probably my favorite character in Futurama! I mean, who doesn't love a sarcastic, know-it-all robot who's a raging alcoholic and heavy smoker, who always seems to get laid by lady robots... One of my favorite episodes is when Bender gets a religion and accidently...
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    Most AMAZING Performances!

    We've all seen good singers, but what about those where your jaws just DROP? I remember everyone talking about Susan Boyle for a while, and I had no idea what everyone was talking about till I looked her up. Here's a YouTube link that I encourage you to look at as soon as you have free time...
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    Is Anyone Wearing Thin with American Idol?

    I don't care for it, and to be honest, I'm sick of hearing about it. Yeah, it's a bunch of singers showing off what they got, but I really think it's over-hyped. I mean, they started making Barbie American Idol dolls; that's a little creepy! I think it's a good idea to show off your singing...
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    Comedy Central Specials

    Who watches these? I recently saw the entire Vicious Circle online from Dane Cook and I was crying from laughing so hard!! Also heard that Jeff Dunham is supposed to have a brand new special/act for COmedy Central coming up sometime this year! Can't wait for that! Does anyone else want to share...
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    One Life to Live

    Man, I've been following this show for years! I'm not really sure how to describe the plot at the moment, but it takes place in Landview, which is supposed to be in Pennsylvania somewhere. There was recently just a plot with a baby mix-up and a cop was killed. Kids graduated, ETC. Nothing too...
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    Transformers (Any Era)

    Fess up, who likes the robots here? I have a few G1 episodes taped on VHS somewhere, and I have the first season of Beast Wars on DVD, but has anyone seen Transformers Animated lately? It's probably the best Transformers cartoon since Beast Wars - it started off really kiddish, but it got...
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    Battlestar Casts Moving On?

    So, yeah, this show is off the air, which is sad because it was good, but the actors themselves have moved on to new shows, so if you followed an actor, you can trace them to their new shows. I know for a fact that Tricia Helfer, Michael Hogan, and Joanne Kelly will all be on a new show called...
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    Hey there from Vermont!

    Hey, my name is Kathy and I'm from Vermont! I just found the show Alias and now I'm hopelessly hooked on it! Looking foreward to posting on this forum!