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    [Review] Mafia 2

    Mafia 2 is really great for its level of detail. The story is fantastic, and I genuinely felt some attachment to the characters which I never get without playing too much this game. As an experience it's ambitious in narrative scope, with consistently entertaining game play and set pieces to...
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    Battlefield 3 Coming Fall 2011!

    It's a great game that have good graphics, multiplayer, sound, but don't have a good single player. Sound is also outstanding, although music is minimal and never finds a particularly significant role. The game is awesome. The graphics is quit low end. I had played part 1 and part 2 also.
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    Dead Space 2

    I suggest this game if you're addicted to playing horror games. The game play has been improved in the new version. Graphics are good, level design rules, and game play couldn't be better. However, it just wasn't scary. The game play has been improved in the new version.
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    XBox [Xbox 360] Fable 3?

    Yes, I had played Fable 3. Fable 3 is a good game, and in some ways it's a great one. But playing it, the game isn't bad but isn't good neither. It's quite much like Fable 2. I was expecting the game to look better than the previous one but it doesn't. I think it is good game but could have been...