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    2005 Alias Magazine Awards

    I have not answeard to all.. but heres my list: 1. Best Season One Episode : The Pilot 2. Best Season Two Episode : Phase One 3. Best Season Three Episode : The Two 4. Best Episode Ever (Seasons 1-3): The Two 6. Best Fight: The Telling, Sydney VS Alisson Doren 7. Most Romantic Moment...
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    Anyone living in Miami

    :) The school is called EF internationall school of english. I come from sweden so maybe the hot weather will get to me too
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    Anyone living in Miami

    I am planning on moving from Sweden to Miami one year to study english after graduation. Is there anyone who lives there and can tell me if it's nice there? :)
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    Alias Music Videos

    Good sugestion - I love that song but I have never used it in a vid!
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    Alias Music Videos

    Here are my vids.. #1 :Songbird - S/V season 4 #2: S/V "Don't Speak" (mostly season 2 & 3) #3: S/V "You don't Understand Me" Season 2&3 #4: S/V/L "Close friends" Season 3 vid I will update as soon I got new vid, those are for the moment all Alias videos I have up on the net but I have a...
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    Season 4 Video Clip

    You can find it at Hope I'm not to late.
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    Recent DVD Buys

    I have purchased a lot of DVDs the last month (or so) * Alias season 2 * Alias season 3 * Angel season 5 * Significant Others * Sweet Valley High season 1 :bounces:
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    På det gamla eller det nya. För det gamla forumet flyttas till Hit bara för att det är ett bättre forum. Fler är välkomna
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    Ja kom igen snälla :talk:
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    A-Z of Alias #2

    United States of America V is for?
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    A-Z of Alias #2

    CIA c is for...
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    Season 3 RR'S ACTING

    Yeah, Ron was great! I started crying for him - and he is evil =)
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    Season 3 How did you react to Sloane's execution scene?

    Oh my god. I sat there screaming like "Sloane can't die! Jack how can you do this??!" and then..
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    Michelle Branch has songs that remind me of Alias.

    Goodbye to you I see as a Buffy song since it was used during a episode but Michelle Branch suits Alias as well.
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    Alias Quote Conversations

    I'm working for myself, you son of a b****!
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    Season 3 Syd told Vaughn about Will

    It feels good that Vaughn knows about her and Will, mainly cause there would be no secrets if they got back together.
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    Fler medlemmar till Svenska Alias forumet är VARMT VÄLKOMMNA.
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    Do you like Lauren Vaughn?

    I try to like her but I can't.
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    Season 3 S/V ship

    I'm a big fan of Syd and Vaughn but I love their angst scences- really I DO!
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    Season 3 He never said to her that he doesn't love Sydney.

    Yep. Noticed that too. Sure Lauren is his wife but there would be a big diffrence with this conversation: Lauren: You still love her? Vaughn: Sydney was my girlfriend and I loved her. You are my wife and I love you now. instead of: Lauren: You still love her? Vaughn: Damn it thats not what...