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    I love this show!! Does anyone else watch it? it's on Tuesdays at 9:30 and i dunno if it's still gonna be on on thursdays! I love it, it's so funny and cute. man, they are so ment to be together!
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    The Book List

    :) rules 1. You can post as many books you want at a time but don't like put one book each mess. and on and on again 2. Let's try to keep this going on forever 3. Always number like if I have the number 1,2,3, and 4 then you are the next person to post you start numbering at 5 4. Please do not...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean

    POTC is my favorite movie. What are your?
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    Cold Case

    I watch cold case evrytime it's on. It's my second favorite show! Well my frist has to be Alias. Cold case is really great! Everybody should watch Cold Case and Alias. Cold Case is on 8:00 pm CBS and Alias is on 9:00 pm. they are right after each other. both are on Sunday night! You All...
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    Alias at tvtome

    The Best, Worst and Most Notable Television Programs and Events of 2003. 2003 was an interesting year for television with the truly first live war, the continuing success of cable television programming, and some notable programs that were unduly cancelled. The broadcast networks had one of...
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    Season 3 I was thinking of past ep.s

    Well did you remember what happen in Counteragent i think it was episode 7 of season2. Well when Vaughn woke up Jack told him everything syd did to save his life. Well i was kinda wishing he would of done it in this episode too. I mean they lost so many lives just to save his. actually i...
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    Miss Match and guest star

    I think I am right to check if I am please go to and when it says please choose a show go to Miss Match. Let everything load and then read about the next to episode to do that just scroll down the main page of Miss match. I think it will be the second new episode that he will be in...
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    Season 3 Quotes

    Awkward...-Marshall ;) can't think I will have a list by saturday and I will post then-thanks!
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    Season 3 The scar and the burnt house

    I think the people that got her cut some of her skin burnt it so that it will make people think that Sydney was dead because they used DNA and it matched. Also The Two was worth watching because it was a great part in the beginning to see Vaughn cry it was so great!
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    Who Sydney should end up with?

    I think it should be Vaughn but what do you think?
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    Season 2 The Ring on his hand

    and I think that you know the ring on Vaughn's finger it might not mean that he is married. You know ummm.. he might be wearing it because a friend gave it to him or he has been wearing it ever since Syd died and that is how he is reminded of her or some other reason because he can't be married...