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    Worst of the Worst - Vote!

    *puts on best Cai voice* Hey guys, Voting for the Worst of the Worst contest goes as follows: You vote. And uh... YEAH! :reallyexcited: Gee, that was hard. :rolleyes: But make sure to note that voting will only go for a week, before it closes... Or, well, Laur closes it, because I'm too...
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    Gloomy Sunday

    Title: Gloomy Sunday Author: Lauren Disclaimer: I own nothing. Thank you for the transcripts. Summary: Vaughnie dies. *points at self* Cruel. No spoilers, but if you know or are spoiled, click (if you click and don't know, I will not be held responsible! :P ): S4 spoilers. A/N: Thank...
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    Vaughn cut the wrong wire. KABLAMO! "I didn't tell Syd I loved her! Aw, shucks!" DeadVaughn thought. The end.
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    The Sydney (and Vaughn) Story

    Disclaimer: I really hope I'm stealing no one's work.. if so, it's a bit pathetic :lol: I do now own Sydney, Vaughn, Jack, Sloane, Kendall... Alias in general :P This is kinda PG-13-ish ;) PT 1 1 daii in LA sid sat dwn in her chair nd putt her legs up on da desk. she had lotz of paprwrk to...
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    Title: Moments Author: <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Carolina</span> Disclaimer: Alias belongs to JJ Abrams but all the characters you don’t recognize from alias are indeed my own. Summary: If only a moment would bring back what you gave up on… Author’s note: This is alternate...
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    No More Lonely Nights

    Hey all :hi: Title: No More Lonely Nights Summary: I guess you could say this is a S3 fic. The Covenant is nearly gone, thanks to the CIA, and Simon still thinks Sydney in Julia. Syd finds out about Vaughn's wedding with Lauren and decides to go. Will she make her presence known? Disclaimer: I...
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    <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>Confessions</span> Author: Me! Laur. Disclaimer: I dont own any of the characters, sadly.. I am not trying to steal anyone's story or words so dont sue me. Summary: Vaughn is in a car crash and is in a coma. It will change his relationship with...
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    Meant to Be

    Hey everyone! This is my first fan fiction.. so be nice! If you could please post any suggestions you have, that would be great! I'm not very happy with the first chapter, but here goes nothing! <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>Meant to Be</span> Author: Me, Lauren. Disclaimer...