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    Michael Vartan Q.A.

    Yeah, I saw that too! He said that if he could he would love to live in Aust. and he now has our Souhtern Cross on his arm! Michael is totally destined to live in Aust.!
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    Australian Addicts 5

    Oh it was soo good! I cried! I can't wait till next week!
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    Season 5 Australia sux

    Australia doesn't suck ne more! Season 5 started last night! It was soo good!
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    Australian Addicts 5

    OMG OMG OMG!!! ALIAS!!!! I nearly started to hyperventilate when I read that it is coming on on Sunday! Yay yay yay yay! I can't wait!!! I love Alias! Love Belle
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    Jen Nonimated for Playboy's Sexiest Woman of the Year

    ^ Yeah I agree. I voted like 20 times. Jen better win or I'll be cut, 'cause she is real beauty. Belle
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    Agent Belle saying hello

    Hey, I'm Belle. I am new here at AllAlias. I am also registered at SD-1 so come and say hi whenever. Love always, Belle :)