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    Jen revealed the baby's gender!

    Oh wow!! I can't believe it!! I just read this on!!! BURBANK, Calif. -- Jennifer Garner may have let the cat out of the bag. The "Alias" star appeared on the "Tonight Show" Tuesday night and refused to answer Jay Leno when he asked if she was having a boy or a girl. But, later in the...
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    Secuestro Express

    Hey all Did anyone see Secuestro Express- I heard it was really good, but by the time I'd heard about it, it had already left Boston! :( Also, does anyone know when it'll be out on DVD?
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    Season 5 Spoiler about 5. 03

    Hey all! I just found a few new spoilers about the third episode- The Shed- on Here they are- 08/28 - Sydney and Marshall are on a mission together. The man they are looking for is wearing a Red Sox cap, and Sydney makes mention that she is a Sox fan. Later, Sydney is in her...
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone! I'm Kazza, and this is the first time I've become a member of an Alias forum, even though I've been a big fan for a few years. Just a few facts about me: I live in Boston, my favorite band is The Corrs, I'm crazy about soccer, my favorite characters are Sydney and Nadia,and I don't...