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  1. Marshy47

    ALIAS Posters

    Anyone know of any sites that sell ALIAS posters for cheap? My walls are looking pretty bare... Jennifer Garner ones will suffice aswell. Cheers. :up:
  2. Marshy47

    Season 1 DVD help.

    On the first disc of season 1. In the bonus there is an extra called 'ALIAS Scriptscanner'. When I click it it tells me I need to put it into a DVD Rom player. I do that, click the feature and it tell me to put it into a DVD Rom player. How do I get it to work?
  3. Marshy47

    Politics The 'Ipswich Ripper' Has this story been mentioned in America? I live in Ipswich, and it's the first time that I can remember our crappy town has made national news. I was just wondering if it's big enough of a story to make America? 5 prostitutes killed in 10 days. Shocking stuff...
  4. Marshy47

    Season 5 What an episode!

    This could quite possibly be one of the best episodes of ALIAS. Brilliant from start to finish. I only saw it for the first time last night on DVD 'cause England never really bothered with ALIAS. <_< How they went back into old scenes and altered 'em slightly was fantastic. And then finding...
  5. Marshy47

    Window Media Player Skins

    Sorry, I didn't know where else to post this: Anyone know anywhere that has ALIAS skins for WMP? Maybe some of you guys have made some?