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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

    C'mon, this Emmy's is totally bull. Where's Veronica Mars? Scrubs? Kristen Bell, Lauren Graham, Hugh Laurie? And of course, Jen Garner too. <-- is very miffed And The West Wing got nominated ? What is with that? Urg.
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    Doctored Images

    :unsure: You guys have got great maniping skills. I feel unworthy posting here :P I present my last/latest ship: And here're two more that I've done a loooong time ago...
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

    :lol: I'm in the camp that agrees that Violet hates the cameras and has been conditioned not to smile for them in public :P But if you remember those pictures of Jen carrying her and Violet's facing away from the camera, there seem to be a hint of a smile and those dimples :) Aaaand Jen said...
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    Two more little ones here :) GREEN By Jalyn/secretlives She couldn’t forget. Watching as her sister and her sister’s boyfriend skate around the rink, she took a moment to think about work – she tried. Her mind wandered. Drinking didn’t cause people to make stupid choices. Drinking caused...
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    Alias Wallpapers

    :D Thank you! I love the layout too; is it me or is Sydney wearing the same wig in different colors? :P This is Operation Alias -- I think Season 4 still has some slots left, while Season 5 hasn't been done yet...
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

    How's that for a reaction; I just started bawling. Like, big drops of tears while laughing. I love Jen's laugh; it's contagious! And her smiles (and dimples) are too adorable not to smile at, too. :nod:
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    Alias Wallpapers

    Two wallpapers for Operation Alias... I wish my break will come soon. I haven't done *anything* for Alias sans these two since SOS. *dies* *stabs school* :P
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

    When I watch Pearl Harbor I skip to the parts with Jen. Heee. What I say about Pearl Harbor: It's a love story unfortunately tainted by the war :P Baby Violet's hair is so adorable! It's a baby mohawk :D :D I agree about Emmy, too. :D
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

    That's Anna!Syd and Vaughn in Hamburg :D Also: Ben, Jen and Violet have breakfast. :)
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

    This is just one reason why I hate not living in the USA... :( I wish someone could upload that up somewhere for us deprived overseas fans :D! She sounds so adorable, and it's so cute that her and Victor are in denial! I know I am :(
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

    There're more pictures from the scene here: :D
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    Someone at SD-1 requested a colorisation of this little boy: First colorisation attempt, I might add :D
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    90 icons here :huh: Like what you see? Friend hourglass! 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59...
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    Non-Alias Wallpapers

    Any Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans here as well, hm? *dies laughing* I will not be mocked. :P Title: Never Say Goodbye Lyrics: Amy Jo Johnson's (Kimberly, rather) creation on MMPR 2x11 (The Song of Guitardo) Credits: Magurno. :) Notes: This is from MMPR: The Movie, and uses a pink/white...
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    Win XP users.. help please!

    What are you using, Win XP Home Edition or Professional? :)
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck IV

    I did Charlotte's Web when I was 13, and don't exactly remember any Suzys around, heh. So yeah, I'm going with offsprings... Although the 3 named baby spiders were Joy, Aranea and Nellie. The other spiders who went away kept saying "Good-bye, good-bye!" so maybe?
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    IPOD Video Converter

    Videora iPod Converter Download :)
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    Who would you work for?

    I'll be like Sark; flexible loyalties :lol: Whoever pays more, I guess it's more geared there, but also if I'm willing to work for them or not. ;)
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck IV

    Gah, can't download off Megaupload - how about YSI or somewhere else? :)
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck IV

    I actually snorted when I read that. C'mon, Jen is a gracious lady. I'm sure if that even happened, she'll ring J.Lo up and thank her for the gift and probably even inviting her to play with Violet. :P