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    woot theres 7 of us now! :D
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    last ep you could not deny the varkness! :P maybe they could have a threesome Syd Vaughn and Sark! :devil:
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    Season 5 Sark Rumours

    they better not be realted I will hunt JJ down and kill him and suck on his liver (as soon as he's made the last ever alias ep) :P
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    Sarkney Appreciation

    woot! new fic :D *runs off to read it*
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    Season 4 Rate: Detente

    I loved this ep i thought it was great tho i'm such an arse i stupidly voted for it was bad instead of it was one of the best ever and stuffed it all up! :( damn my stupid mind :angry:
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    Syd and Sark would be soo cool!

    s5 could be thew season of Sarkney! :D *sighs* and hopefully there will be lots more Sark :naughty:
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    Who would Syd look better with...

    thats only 4 years :D that wouldn't be weird
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    Anti-Vaughn club

    WOOT!!! Die Vaughn Die! :angry: or at least get injured ands leave apo so you can be replaced by Sark who will become Syd's partner on missions :D
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    Season 5 Sark -SPOILERS-

    that was going to happen in Succesion but they got rid of it :(
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    Anti-Vaughn club

    yeah Dixon and Syd worked well together can I join? plz? :D
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    hee hee sorry mod team :) i was bored and went through all of this section trust me to cause chaos :rolleyes: but come on siblings thats so twisted after Sark's comments!
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    Who Sydney should end up with?

    mmmm SARK!!! and then WILL coz he's so sweet bless him :D
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    Who would Syd look better with...

    how old is Sark and sydney meant to be?
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    Syd and Sark would be soo cool!

    theres always next season ;)
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    The Best Deceptions !

    woot update woot! :D that was great apart from vaughn and the phone call grrrrrr :angry: and Sarkney is good :P
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    Who do you prefer?

    Sark tho for some reason it was tempting to vote for kendall :D
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    NO NO NO! They can't be realted that would be sick!
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    Who Sydney should end up with?

    SARK!!! :D
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    Sydney and Sark?

    Sark is adorable ans Sarkney would be adorable THE END! :P