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    College Basketball

    ya, Kentuky's doing good, but I doubt they're gonna be first seed, but last year UCONN was like 2nd seed and they still won. lol, I didn't like last year's final game. I liked the Duke/UCONN game better it was so intense and I was screaming at the tv. lol
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    College Basketball

    HECK YA! I'm ALL for Duke!!!!! This is so their year. and J.J is SOOOOO good! I love him! I LOVE DUKE. they just won today! and the Duke/UNC game was so good. ya, it was a big win seeing that UNC is like 2!!!
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    Crossing Jordan

    ya, it was so funny! I cannot believe there wasn't an eppie last week. I CAN'T WAIT any longer NEED MORE CJ!!! I love seally
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    What's your worst tv show?

    I HATE SMALLVILLE I DONNOT GET THE POINT!!!! the OC is getting crappy, everwood, one tree hill, a lot more!
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    Who do you think would make the best couple in HP?

    love harry and hermione but malfoy and Ginny are my second favorite!
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    shane west

    I love the Ray/Neela relationship, they are just so cute together, and now they're roomies! LOL
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    College Basketball

    I love you too! I love DUKE. sry, I missed the game I had stuff to do. I love JJ he rocks my socks, lol, kinda like Kentucky too but not as much as i like DUKE!
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    I love this show!! Does anyone else watch it? it's on Tuesdays at 9:30 and i dunno if it's still gonna be on on thursdays! I love it, it's so funny and cute. man, they are so ment to be together!
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    Who are you 'shipping' for?

    Lily/Seally ~Crossing Jordan that's my biggest one. Actually my favorite would be Harry and Hermione but that's books, lol S/V alias commited couple forgot their names, marnie and what's his face
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    Crossing Jordan

    omg!!!! anyone see the last eppie????? Seelly and Lily!?!??!?!? the super cute green shirt Seely was wearing?!?!?!?!? i love him he's such a hottie. v. v. v. good eppie!!
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    Cold Case

    ya, season 2 started a while ago haven't caught up with it. they are showing reruns of season 1 a lot and I've seen all of season 1 i also love: CSI, CSI NY, without a trace, ER
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    The Asians Of AA

    1. from what country are you from china, well i was born in he US 2. where are you now? USA 3. what languages do you speak chinese and englsih, learning latin 4. what alias season is your local tv showing now? season 4 on JAN 5!! 5. what are your asian features? almond eyes? round eyes? etc etc...
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    MLB 2004 Season

    I connot believe that the Red Sox actually pulled it off. They were down 3 fricking games!!!! and for i think game 2 they lost by more the 10 points. gosh, that's a lot. Happy that Boston finally beat the curse but MY YANKEES?!?!?! oh well, game 7 was very very intense because everyone...
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    College Basketball

    W/E GO DUKE, last year they had a great, ya, w/e they lost to UCONN but I still love them, at least they lost to the winning team. they were 1st seed so it was kinda given they got that faar. J.J Reddick is awesome. lol, and the fact that he's hott. w/e GO DUKE!!!!!
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    College/ Universities

    I'm still in highschool, but I want to major in Architecture and maybe CAD, also something in math, but I really want to also minor in French or another language maybe Latin, gosh, I really dunno what I want, lol
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    What's your best subject?

    Math will always be my best subject, but my latin isn't that bad. my english sucks like felgercarb, so well my GPA isn't a 4.0
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    College/ Universities

    NYU, Columbia, Cornell, University of Michigan, Michigan State, Cooper Union, and that's it for now
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    Crossing Jordan

    oh my gosh, I'm sooooooo jealous, I want one too!!!!! lol last night was an old eppie, but still a good one laters, al
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    Crossing Jordan

    oh, I love the vampire eppie it's so cool. ya, my bro loves that eppie too. You know which other one is a good eppie? The one with the blue moon. that totally gave me the creeps. hahahahaha. lovley isn't it. Est puella bona. Vexat. Est puer bona. Livia est stulta. hahhaha practicing...
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    Crossing Jordan

    kool, my friend came back from Poland and she got me a postcard. I got Spiderman 2 on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still weeping because CJ wasn't on yesterday. :cry: Season 3 was kool, does anyone know if there's a new eppie of CJ next sunday?? always, Lor