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    Australias and USA DVDS

    is there anything different between the Australian Alias DVD's and the American ones?? can sum1 post what is on the American DVD bonus features and then in the morning, ill do the same thing and we compare or sumthin?? -luv Em :cheers:
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    Season 5 Quotes

    please post your favourite quotes here from Bob :D Luv Em :ninja: :stick: :ph34r:
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    Season 5 Quotes!

    nobody had put this up yet soo.... post your favourite Quotes her :D Luv Em
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    Season 5 Quotes!

    I couldnt find a Quotes topic so I put one in post your favourite Quotes here :D
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    Season 5 Vaughn's Song

    We'll, I was watching one of the earlier episodes of Alias and Vaughn was in it. Since hes "DEAD" I kind of half made up a song about him ( its an actual song but I changed the words a bit ). Its a slower version as well coz its meant to be sad :depressed: here's the song ...
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    Season 5 Syd's Baby

    What do you think Syd and Vaughn will call their baby??? Please tell me what you think!?! Luv Em :innocent: :D
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    Season 5 Syd's baby name

    Syd's baby name!!! What should syds baby be named???? :D What do you think??? :reallyexcited: I think she would name it Francie if its a girl or maybe Will or Danny if its a boy It will be a super spy baby!! :lol: