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    Sneaky Sloane

    Man o man!! The last few eps have really been tripping me out. First Sloane used Jack then he used Syd. I mean Sloane is one sneaky guy. The thing that trips me out the most is the way you believe something then you find out that he was behind it and placed himself as the victim. If that...
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    Stuff that sucks

    If you could destory anything what would it be? Personally I want to chuck my chair and computer out the window cause they suck!! :ninja:
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    The coolest thing!

    What's the coolest thing that's happend to you? Did ya win the big game for you team? Win a contest? Basicly the most awesome thing that's ever happened to you!! Krazed :ninja:
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    Rock Music

    I just thought that I would start this cause it seems that no one else has, not to mention that it's my favorite type. Who do you guys like or not like? Krazed :ninja:
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    King of the Hill

    I think that this show is cool. It's funny and totally hick. I used to work at a place that rented out tent trailers and it was my job to put the propane bottles on everything. Everytime I see Hank I just start laughing that someone's life is propane (even if he is a cartoon). What do you...
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    I just want to see what everyone picks. For me it's a tie between Legolas and Aragorn. You know you guys wanna vote!! Krazed :ninja:
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    I'm an avid pro-wrestling fan and just wanted to see what your guy's thoughts are on it. Or who you guys think is the best and all that stuff. Krazed :ninja:
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    Animal Crossing

    I heard that Animal Crossing for the Game Cube is pretty cool. The reviews I've read said that it's kinda like the Sims. I wondering if I should get it or just wait for the Sims to come out on the PS2 and the end of this month? Krazed :ninja:
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    Fantasy Lord of the Rings

    Ok I totally love the movie, but the way the Elf's die confuse me. :wacko: I know that they can be killed in battle obviously, but then how do they die if they don't participate in a battle and get killed? Do they stay young forever? And if they do stay young forever then wouldn't there be an...