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    Hey! Its been a long time

    One of the best comedies ever! Got the hardback bible edition.
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    Weird Music You Listen To

    Vitamin String Quartet. Some of the best string music ever! And they cover Breaking Benjamin, The Offspring, Audioslave, and FINGER ELEVEN!! W00t!
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    Hey! Its been a long time

    Hey all, I've been gone for a long time due to tons of school work, but I should be popping in at least once a week know. I got time to buuurn! On another note, I've got a favor to ask you. It is simpler than it looks, and I would really appreciate it. Here's the link, best if you read...
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    Hey! Its been a long time

    Don't think this belongs here going to switch forum topic.
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    Intel Sprinter Ad

    Wow... now that is subtle advertising. Even if it wasn't intentional they gotta think more before creating something like that.
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    Benny Hinn

    felgercarb, let me make an adjustment to my statement. I went back and looked at the Church service advertisements and it wasn't Benny Hinn, it was his brother Henry Hinn. I apologize for the mess up. Henry Hinn visited our church not Benny Hinn. What I said is...
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    Benny Hinn

    I understand most of you aren't Christians, and what happened in that video may look weird, but Benny Hinn has a powerful calling from God. Benny Hinn came to my church and I got to witness what you saw on that tape firsthand. People walked in with problems such as chronic back pain and left...
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    The LEGO Universe Trailer Concept

    Re: The LEGO Universe Trailer woot! Lego MMO! That will be interessant.
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    Free 3 month trial of DR Platinum

    can you put that onto a preexisting basic account?
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    Yea.. so the moon has a new crater.

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    Are you playing DR right now?

    Self explanatory... I'm thinking of pulling my Warrior Mage out of the depths if there are enough people playing. He's a low circle... I think in the early teens.
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    Fallen Earth

    No magic, although there are mutations. Is it close to magic? So far the Devs are saying no, its mostly support abilities, nothing like uber damage spells or stuff of the sort. One cool thing I saw as far as a mutation/technology 'spell' was a character creating a three sided barrier to hide...
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    What could $8,000,000,000 buy?

    Crowbars! :D
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    Fallen Earth

    Looks like a game from 1999? Graphics shouldn't be the main focus for buying/playing a game. Anyways, I suggest you watch the GDC coverage. Graphics are not as bad as you think.
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    The Improbable Dream

    Not bad, but not good enought for me. My dream is to transcend and become a demigod and rule earth with a benevolent yet 'paternally' stiff hand. I'll get them(us?) into far flung space, build an empire, and smash or ally with the (hopefully) alien races. Damn I should write a book...
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    Tick Warning!

    Wtf is wrong with people these days? That is just plain sick. Pop 'em one in the face if they come by again!
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    Fallen Earth

    Personally I like the FPS aiming style. More challenging and more fun than select and click click click click click click... but then again I still play those kind of MMOs so I'm ok with it. The secrect world has me mucho interested. I really would hate to pay for three MMOs... but I would if...
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    Fallen Earth

    Oh goodness when this comes out It'll be hard to pry me away from it. Post-apocalypse setting in the real world. SKILL BASED! PRAISE JEEBUS! FPS aiming style. 95% items are crafted. Can craft ten levels higher than your level and can use items ten levels higher than your level if...
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    Dark Days Are Coming?

    To help clear things up for a bit for you guys.... Right now the developers have created a large puzzle online for fans. The objective of the puzzle is to find out the story of the game. So far its looking like an apocalyptic game possibly centered around H.P. Lovelock's writings in addition...
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    Dark Days Are Coming?

    The story being set up on their forums is sounding more and more amazing as I follow it! If they can pull off a game with this kind of setting I'll be very happy.