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  1. PineappleXprezz

    C & C deltafx bayy

    Looks really good i think
  2. PineappleXprezz

    Request PineappleXprezz

    Yea what he said^^^ Sry if i sound rude but i did say color BLUE as in text not background so if you can fix that it would be great Also even if i did want to keep it he didnt even get me a link sry guys but that is kinda messed up
  3. PineappleXprezz

    Request hlx Kronic

    DANG SON!!!! that is like mega Beast Quikshot
  4. PineappleXprezz

    Request InSaNiTy

    Nice work man i like it Keep up the good work
  5. PineappleXprezz

    Call of Duty 4

    PSN:PineappleXprezz Rank:no prestige 55 (5star) Fav Gun:Mp5 Fav Map:BACKLOT K/D:1.96
  6. PineappleXprezz

    GFX Home page

    Nice Idea Delta i think you should do that lol the home page attracted me when i saw it
  7. PineappleXprezz

    Favorite Shows

    LoL o yea boo i forgot about that one GEORGE LOPEZ
  8. PineappleXprezz

    Who's Your Favorite SuperHero

    My favorite hero is SUPERMAN lol thats what i get called at school aswell so its kewl
  9. PineappleXprezz

    Request PineappleXprezz *Completed*

    Size:200x300 Text:The Deviant One Sub-Text:none Game/Render: Color:Blue Style:Freestyle Contact,PSN:PineappleXprezz
  10. PineappleXprezz


    I also forgot to mention the Joker He is also a favorite
  11. PineappleXprezz

    yea i do gamebattlez for PS3 COD4 MagicMan3 is my gb username
  12. PineappleXprezz

    Comedy Pineapple Express

    Hilariouz makes you laugh for hours
  13. PineappleXprezz

    Soul Caliber 4

    yea ima beast at SoulCalibur Darth Vader is the bezt
  14. PineappleXprezz

    Politics USA Presidential Discussion Thread (2008)

    i want Barrack Obama to win since hes lowering college funds
  15. PineappleXprezz

    Brett Favre to Jets

    LoL i dnt think it will make a big difference to tell you the truth the jets are bad brett favre lost his groove and now hes bad
  16. PineappleXprezz

    favorite type of music and artists

    Rap all the way
  17. PineappleXprezz

    whats your Favorite movie

    my favorite movie is PINEAPPLE EXPRESS
  18. PineappleXprezz

    What games?

    I am currently playing COD4 and Assassins Creed when i get bored
  19. PineappleXprezz

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Lil Wayne ft.T-Pain-Got Money
  20. PineappleXprezz

    really Funny

    That was one of the funniest videos dude LoL