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    Politics Needle Exchange Programs

    Needle Exchange Programs are programs in which drug users can exchange used syringes for clean ones. They are illegal in most states, and most states have paraphernalia laws, although a few like Washington, New Mexico, New York, and DC do have legalized Needle Exchange Programs (NEPs). NEPs...
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    Politics War on Christmas?

    i personally think this is ridiculous. of all the problems in the world today, the Religious Right chooses to concern itself with symantecs. what do you guys think?
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    Politics Possible 2008 Presidential Candidates

    So, I was just curious about who you guys think will run for president in 2008. Here are some I was thinking of: Democrat: Joseph Biden (hasn't he already declared?) Hillary Rodham Clinton Mark Warner (please god, no) John Edwards? and here's where i get stuck. i just don't see a lot of...
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    Politics Censorship

    So, I wanted to start a topic to talk about censorship. This is kind of consolidating a lot of different topics that have been floating around the Serious Discussion board. In a country like America that so values free speech, to what extent is censorship acceptable? in the media? in...
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    Politics Sudanese Rebel Leader Dies

    taken from the New York Times:
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    Politics When the President Talks to God

    so, evidently Bright Eyes sang this song on Jay LEno earlier this month, but i just saw it. it's pretty incendiary. what do you guys think? domain name is for sale. Inquire now.
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    Politics Estate Tax

    so, the house has voted to repeal the estate tax, and now the bill goes to the senate. any thoughts? from a NY Times article:
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    Politics "He Shall from Time to Time..."

    I just got finished watching the State of the Union. I hated most of what he said, but i have to admit that it was well written, and he was passionat. i was a little surprised that he put so much emphasis on the Marriage Amendment in the speech, but other than that i pretty much knew what he...
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    Politics World Hunger

    Every day, 24,000 people die from hunger-related causes. That means that in one week, more people will die from hunger than died in the tsunami. There is a way you can help. all you have to do is go to The Hunger Site | Help Fight Worldwide Hunger and click on the yellow button. That will...