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    IS SWAT out tommorow!? IT looks great! When you see it post here!
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    Codie back in town!

    :lol: Codie is back to the All Alias Forums!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: Yea!! So I will be on here more! :) Codie cheerleaders want to reunite? lol :lol:
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    GTA: 3 PC

    GTA: 3 PC is a great game on the PC!! Has anyone played it?
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    Codie Back one more time!

    :P Codie is back!! :rolleyes: but is just stopping in and will not be coming back :( But i am here for a moment! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
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    Codie Less on?

    I Codie am thinking of almost taking a leave from every forum board!! I am not mad at all or anything.. but I think it is time for Codie to barely come on these forums anymore! :huh: I mean I might come on once and a while but probably once a month only! I will probably just be working on my...
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    Season 2 Francie

    Was Francie always a spy on Syd? So, was Francie bad all along?
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    WARNING MAJOR MAJOR!!! <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!</span> FOR DOUBLE AGENT FRANCIE WILL Be SHOT And have a clone!! That works for Sark and Sloane and I think SARK AND SLOANE know that Sydney and Jack are double agent!
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    Season 2 Title Phase One

    What do you think the title means on the episode?
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    Season 2 Countdown

    The Episode is on tommorow talk about it what will happen? any guest charcters? anyone will die? :)
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    Poor Dixon

    Don't you think that is sad that Dixon doesn't know that he is working with the bad guys? He thinks he is working for a branch of the CIA and protechting his nation!
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    TODAY!!! Tampa Bay Buccaneers Beat the Eagles, So Tampa Bay will be in the Super Bowl! Then Titans Versus Raiders played today, RAIDERS WON!!! SO it is Raiders Vs. Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl, as some people know I am a big RAIDERS FAN!! THEY ARE GOING TO WiN!!
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    Season 2 Rerun Episode

    This is on tonight discuss about it! :) It is the re-run it was already on before..
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    Will silent lately?

    There are always some charcters on Alias that are in Storage and are not shown one sec in the shows, Will the last five episodes haven't got barely any screen time? Don't you agree? Is it because vAUGHN is the man in Sydneys life?
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    Why Called Vaughn

    Why does Sydney call Michael Vaughn his last name Vaughn, why doesn't she call him Michael?
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    Talk about Sark here!
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    Anyone Know you sings

    I don't know this song but I need to know what it is called and who sings it! It is by some black artists.. and the main words are "Get Down" in the song does anyone know?
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    Season 2 Episode talk

    I thought this was a really good episode and it like told everything that we missed from Season 1 and explained every detail!
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    Season 2 Emily Question Sloane?

    Did Sloane know all along that he hid Emily or did someone else? I am confused and stuff could someone explain?
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    Season 2 CIA: Computer Guy

    At the CIA Headquarters, who is the tech computer guy name who is the guy with glasses and always tells something of technical stuff.. lol it was funny in the abuction he is typing at the computer he see's Irena and he steps aside for her in slow motion.
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    Season 2 Sark and Kendall

    Where do Sark and Kendall go? Sark hasn't been shown for two episodes now!