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  1. SpanishMill

    Sci-Fi Isaac Asimov's Robot series books

    I finally got around to reading the Robot series books... 1954 The Caves of Steel 1957 The Naked Sun 1983 The Robots of Dawn 1985 Robots and Empire And thoroughly enjoyed them..... L. Baley and R. Daneel... awesome. Now, I'm back tracking a bit and currently reading my newest...
  2. SpanishMill

    Sci Fi books collector from So Cal

    Hi, I was bitten by the sci fi bug when in 1977 I saw Star Wars as a child and the Star Trek re-runs. Over the last ten years or so I began buying sf books and when I found out that a lot of these are collectible, I began my own collections of authors like Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Phillip...