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    Sci-Fi After Earth

    Titan After Earth or Titan A.E. looks much better. I love that film, I saw it when I was about five or six and after about 14 years the animation is still stands up pretty well. I can't say I've seen a film I've liked Will Smith in any film since the first MIB. I hope this film is taking the...
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    Your thoughts on UK shows being remade?

    I never understand why the Americans can't seem to cope with something being set in Britain without it being like some sort of tourist visit to all the famous landmarks of London while a procession of stereotypes walks by with everyone speaking in over the top accents that are either...
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    Sci-Fi Stargate vs Star Trek

    Star Trek all the way! only as long as its the original series, all the other series were pretty lame. I was never a fan of stargate though
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    Welcome Vale! I'm new to this forum too. Luckily for me I know loads of people interested in sci-fi but I still know the feeling of people getting tired with my enthusiasm for good sci-fi
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    Foodies Chips or Crisps?

    Well I prefer chips to crisps but since I'm English I'm about fat versions of what the Americans here would call fries (whether French or freedom). They're gorgeous served with a lovely bit of battered haddock. Since we're talking about what to call crisps I'll call them...well...crisps! :D
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    Hi everybody (no Dr Nick jokes please) The name is Captain but you may call me...Captain. Been a sci-fi fan all my life as I was raised on Star Wars, the original Star Trek, Titan A.E. and Blade Runner
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall. Just as soon as I work out how to post videos I'll put up the music video here
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    Sci-Fi Firefly

    Or not been made at all. There was too much that just didn't fit with the Firefly I know and love. It spoiled it for me a little I guess. As a film on its own it was ok but following in Firefly's wake just destroyed it. There were also a few bits which outright contradicted what was established...
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    Prey 2

    So I don't know how many of you have been looking forward to and following the 'development' of Prey 2, but I sure have been. There was a countdown on leaving us all on the edge of our seats expecting news about the game. Unfortunately there was no news and instead it is merely a...