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    Star Wars

    Well, you know me. 100% ditto there. I guess I really don't need to tell you, of all people, how much I love Star Wars (as in I still goof off with my brother's coloring books because I love the characters so much). I HATE the New Jedi Order! They friggin' KILLED EVERYONE! RA Salvatore hacked...
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    Shakespeare and other Playwrights

    Oh, I love MacBeth! That has to be my all-time favorite! (And The Crucible, but that one also made me really, really mad at most of the characters.)
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    Anne McCaffrey

    I read the Dragonriders of Pern and Harper Hall trilogy. F'nor/Canth, Ruth, and Golanth & Zaranth are my all time favorites! And the Masterharper. ACK! I read The Skies of Pern (uh, that's the Golanth & Zaranth one.), and I found out what happened to all my favorites, and then something terrible...
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    Farenheit 451

    Oh, man! I loved that story! It was so sad, and the movie almost made me cry. . . . I guess that comes from being a writer.
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    Which book character would you most like to meet?

    * F'nor/Canth (McCaffrey) * Remus "Moony" Lupin (Rowling) * Sirius Black (Rowling) * Hollus (Robert J Sawyer -- Calculating God) * Afsan & Toroca (RJS -- Quintaglio Ascension trilogy) * Ruth (McCaffrey) * Vincent Rubio (:)) (Eric Garcia -- Rex Trilogy, esp. #1) * Roy (Eric Garcia...
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    Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

    I LOVE HER BOOKS! Well, almost all of them. I haven't read the first two, and only up to Hawksong. I loved the fourth book! That's my favorite (except that Zane is my fav. character and he's in Hawksong). My second fav. character would definitely have to be . . . what was his name? The vampire...
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    AH! I love the Inu Yasha mangas (better than the show, anyway!) I also own Demon Diary and Pet Shop of Horrors. I really want to read Akira. And Hellsing! I really love Hellsing! Seras is so much cooler than in the show -- but she's still cool in the show, too! She's my all time favorite anime...
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    Narnia is wonderful. Unfortunately, I read that Disney or someone is remaking the movie. (, upcoming movies, 2005) Has anyone had the patience to read A Clockwork Orange? The patience is something I'm still working on. In the meantime, here's an almost forgotten classic (and don't...
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    ______ May he rest in peace (Harry Potter 5!!)

    I know, I'm not supposed to post again like this, but I had to reply this. Yes and no. Dead, but not gone (read all the parts about the veil, especially what Luna said about talking to her mother at the end.)
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    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books

    A Clockwork Orange is really good if you have the patience to read it (you have to constantly flip back to the glossary). Then there's Interview with the Vampire, American Gods (Neil Gaiman), Eragon, and (this is a super bizarre book) The Book of the Dun Cow (author's last name is Wangerin).
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    I FINALLY GOT MY HANDS ON IT! I've actually been reading another series, also by a young author. Interesting to start, but the book didn't get really good until she was, like, sixteen or something. Her first book was back when she was . . . fourteen, I think. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes was the name...
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    Harry Potter 5 - James Potter

    James was a fifteen-year-old boy. In my experience, your average teenaged boy is gonna be a bit . . . strange in the head. James also happened to believe he was above average. I mean, he didn't have people trying to kill him all the time (except Remus on a really bad full moon night, but that...
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    Enders Series

    For anyone interested, there's SUPPOSED to be an Ender's Game movie coming out next year. Apparently, it's written by the people who wrote the X-Men movies. (and I love Ender!)
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    ______ May he rest in peace (Harry Potter 5!!)

    Well, I certainly didn't expect him to be sexy. I mean, several times in the series rowling refers to the days when he <i>used</i> to be handsome. have you seen the new voldemort, though? hot. period. he's gonna need some serious makeup. although, i suppose riddle was supposed to be...
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    two years after the telling

    well, it's pretty good. i actually know jack about what happened (the telling would be all i've ever seen of alias), but it's good. it looks like either you or the computer decided to throw in a few random "enter" commands, but i still like it. :)
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    Non-Alias related wallpapers..

    I could've told you you're talented a long time ago. wait . . . I think I have! Well, you know I have! Ah, forget it. Anyway, fastinating pictures. Seriously. The second one is going on file. Maybe I'll send it to you just for laughs. :) :D :reallyexcited: :cool:
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    Recommended Books

    Read "American Gods," by Neil Gaiman. If you happen to be a young person, his book "Coraline" is also very good.
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    Recommended Books

    Any repeats are there for a reason: Ender's Game Dragonriders of Pern Aztec Blood Night (holocaust) Ender's Game Raptor Red (don't support the author-- buy it used or get it from the library. he's an egotisitcal jerk) Ender's Game The Face at the Edge of the World Joshua Joshua Ender's Game...
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    ______ May he rest in peace (Harry Potter 5!!)

    Uh... I had a long post, and I just lost it-- I'll come back later. :angry: