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    Dr. Who?

    Everytime I go to England to stay with family friends I'll watch it because their little child ALWAYS has it on with loads of posters and toys of Doctor Who so I can't really ignore it. Ah well, it's a good watch none the less.
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    Which "Friend" are you?

    Haha it's quite shameful to say but I think I'm most like Ross, maybe with a bit of Chandler in me due to my sarcasm :D
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    Comedy My Name is Earl

    I don't watch MNIE any more but I use to and found it not just funny but slightly inspirational. It's a shame they stopped the show but I guess they have made quite a lot and the actors seemed to be getting on a bit ;) They're still running the show here in the UK, not sure for how much longer...
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    Reality TV The Junior Apprentice

    I am not sure if this has happened in America but here in the UK the first episode of the Junior apprentice where 16 and 17 year olds compete for £25,000 to start up their own business or invest in education which is of course funded by Lord Alan Sugar. If you missed the episode, here it is on...
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    Watching TV online

    I never watch TV online purely because my net speed can't handle it and if I could, well I'd probably get limited by my internet provider for too much usage :P I do time to time watch episodes of South Park though. On another hand, if TV online did become popular I wonder what would be left of...
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    South Park

    I personally love South Park because it really doesn't have any limits to its possibilities, going from showing Mohammed and receiving death threats for it to mocking the game Guitar Hero. The guitar hero episode is also one of my favourites, just love when they start randomly hitting the guitar...
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    Reality TV Britain's Got Talent 2010

    So is anyone here watching this years Britain's Got Talent (BGT) ? I know I am and it's just as good as, if not better than last years. My personal favourite at the moment is the recent samurai guys. I was literally on the edge of the sofa watching these people. Admittedly they were boring to...
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    Favourite Character

    Mine has to be Quagmire because of his pervertedness and his 'Giggidy Giggidy'. Especially love the episode about him taking Louis instead of Peter. Saying this, I don't really like Herbert, he's a bit tooo creepy with his perving.