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    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    I was very dissapointed. This season just dissapointed me a lot. The ending of the finale was so predictable and just dumb. I think that after all those fabulous episode JJ Abrams did the first 2 seasons that this is how he would end the series. P.S. Does anyone know if JJ Abrams was...
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    I did not like that she and Vaughn got back together! I think that she shouldn't have forgiven him after marrying Lauren and all that! And that's one of the main reasons I started to dislike her character. I also absolutely hate the pregnancy/baby storyline too, so I basically hated her all...
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    Season 5 React: Maternal Instinct

    No one ever dies on Alias! Yay!
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    Season 5 TV Guide "Breaking News" for ALIAS

    Yes the Francinator will be back!
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    A series of unfortunate events

    A Series of Unfortunate is one of my favorite book series! I've read them all including the new one that just came out!
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    HP -- For Kids?

    Kids should definitely be allowed to read HP. People say the books are getting darker but in an interview she said something like, when was the book light and cheery? it opens with double murder. P.S. What book did JK Rowling use the word sl*t in?
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    Beautiful Disaster

    great! I can't wait to find out who's behind her I think t's Vaughn! Because why would sark be sad about her reading the disc?
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    Beautiful Disaster

    great but I want sark back!!
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    ~Message Received~

    great!! that was hysterical!
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    Beautiful Disaster

    Is she pregnant????????? I must know!!!!!!!!! great chapter!
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    Beautiful Disaster

    great I cannot wait for chapter 21!
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    Beautiful Disaster

    great chapter :)!
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    Grey's Anatomy

    I can't wait for Grey's Anatomy to come back! I think they should make a cd like the O.C. mixes with all the songs they used on the show!
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    ~*~ I Do ~*~

    great chapter!
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    Season 5 Episode 5.1 Title

    I agree! This title sounds very Rambaldi-ish to me :D
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    Season 5 What's weirdest?

    hmm.. how about all of the above? :P just kidding :blush: I chose Vaughn not being Vaughn :D Jack still having secrets came really close though! A lady at Dunkin Donuts saw I had an alias book with me and she asked me if I saw the finale and we talked about Vaughn not being Vaughn for...
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    ~Message Received~

    The Blue Angel?? Can't wait for the next update! This story is soo awesome!
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    hooray he's back!!! thanx for the pm! update asap!
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    Beautiful Disaster

    great chapter!!! I love sark!!
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    Beautiful Disaster

    aww sark cannot be dead!!!!!! I love Run by Snow Patrol too!