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    A Child Called "It" Discussion's Book Club Book # 3 has finally been chosen. Congradulations to A Child Called "It" : One Child's Courage to Survive by Dave Pelzer! You may discuss here. :) *Note: This month's book is slightly graphic in nature in the sense of the abuse the main character suffers. This is a...
  2. A's Book Club Book #3: VOTING!

    If you weren't around for Book #1 (The Princess Bride) or Book #2 (The Da Vinci Code) here's a quick run-down, of the way things work: 1. I first make this thread for you guys to leave options for different books (this month's theme is biographies) to choose. 2. Then I make a poll once we...
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    Random 218

    new random dedicated in loving memory to the pig i dissected and his stomach juices. Random 217
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    Politics USA: Politics, the Government, etc.

    Does the US have a moral obligation to mitigate international conflicts? post your thoughts...
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    Random #104

    hey random people! we've got our next random thread! i love ice cream and poor moria's comp is screwing up!
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    What's your favorite dessert?

    ok i was just wondering what you're favorite dessert was... i don't know why... probably because i'm bored or something but just post and we'll see.
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    Mission Impossible

    ok this was one of the topics lost sadly but i guess i'm restarting it cuz i really did like it. basically it's just missions that would be REALLY STUPID or REALLY FUNNY if they had on alias. i'm going to start with one. mission: marshall goes on a mission(wearing super-duper swank glasses!)...
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    Hair Color

    so just vote! just wanted to know... mine's brown by the way.
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    Season 2 Episode 15: A Free Agent

    i don't read spoilers but i found spoilers and thought, hey what the heck just post them... it's not necessary that you have to read them. so here are some spoilers that i found at Sydney goes to see Irina and tells her she's graduating today --...