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    Season 5 Sydney and Lauren

    Ok I just recieved message (from a VERY reliable) source that things start to heat up between S and L. Ok you know in the last ep. how Lauren askes Syd is shes wants to go out to dinner? Ok this is really weird and gross (you may want to site down for this...) Lauren hits on Syd. Now I dont know...
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    grounded untill december eighth

    Hey to all the AA members! Well I thought I should start off on a positive note at least…before I get to the bad news…. AS we all know, tons of people have been leaving and/ or taking a break from AA. I have to leave for a month, not because I am choosing to but because I am grounded from the...
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    Random # 125

    Hey! im exicted because this is my first Random thread. And well, Enjoy!!!
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    Hello everyone on the thread, Well I am one of Roxys closest friends on and off the mb, if she leaves (which she might have too) well' miss her dearly. Heres a thread just for her!
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    new fan fic by courtney

    hey theres a new fan fic by courtney, posted on fan fic section, please read!!!
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    Make Love, Not War

    Make Love, Not war! By Courtney Rated pg13 ******************************************************************************** *********** hope u like it LOS ANGELES: “Sydney.” Jack’s voice echoed through Langley’s vacant hall. She spun around, all ready irritated with her day, it was only...
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    hello everyone

    hello everyone, im new here. im courtney. i love alias , well i didnt used to but Roxy, i think she belongs here. she got me addicted. she was in my english class last year, well i like alias. so hi. i really am not sure what to say, so ... hi great i sound like marshal *hitting self on head*...