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    Whats your internet addiction?

    A forum, Flickr and Facebook
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    Politics Smoking in Resturants/Public places

    If I had my way it would be completely illegal in any public space. They've just banned it in pubs here, but how does that protect me or my baby brother going down the street?
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    What are you proud of today?

    Telling some kid who decided to play a music clip on his phone over and over on high volume and on the bus "I think you should invest in some headphones." Coming up with a motto all on me own: 'A bad a good anecdote.'
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    Got my timetable: Monday: 12:45-3:20 - Chemistry Tuesday: 12:45-3:20 - Philosophy 3:40-6:15 - English Literature and Language Wednesday: 9:10-11:45 - Biology 12:45-1:55 - Tutorial Thursday: 9:10-11:45 - Chemistry 3:40-6:15 - Philosophy Friday 9:10-11:45 - English Literature and Language...
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    What do you want to have done by the end of summer

    I'd have liked to have read this thread....ahh well.
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    The All Alias Society of Neologists!

    Okay memebers list: Member 1: m<o>j Member 2: i'm an aliasaholic Member 3: cute_as_candy Member 47: Hibou Member 4: Scarlet Crystal Member 5: cinders Member 6: NebraskaLuvsVaughn Number 7: Alias_Fan0202 Number 8: facade47 Number 9: Bubbles Number 10: syd_kicks_serious_ass Number 11: AusGl Number...
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    The All Alias Society of Neologists!

    Helllllo new member!!! I shall add you in a masterminded the SD(Show Dispaure) cells of yesteryear :D Jai :rain:
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    GCSEs and A levels

    Yeah, lol, why? Jai
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    GCSEs and A levels

    Ha ha...Wou, there are only two :D WELL DONE EVERYONE....:reallyexcited:, and Wou, I noticed you put your grades in the oppisite order as the rest of us :P Jai :rain:
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    GCSEs and A levels

    Spanish: D French: D Maths: C (What do you expect if you don't do th coursework?) Additional Science: C Core Science: A RE Short Course: A Citizenship Short Course: A Sociology: A D&T: Food Tech: A English Lit: A English: A* Jai
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    Jaffa Cake Addicts

    He he....:lol:
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    Random #280

    I am literally dying here, this is the first time I've been on All A for nine days...I miss you all, Hello!!! I won't be back until wednesday...arrrrgh...dying!!! :rain:
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    Jaffa Cake Addicts

    Oooh, check you with you're fancy new name(I go away for nine days and look what happens...) I have the courage to ask you exactly how candy is cute? :rain:
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    Jaffa Cake Addicts

    I've come accustomed to M&S's...they'e dark chocolate...they aren't the right shape, but I'm living! :D Jai :rain:
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    I love bugs and insects...^_^ *stirrer:p*
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    Calling all vegetarians! Quick survey!

    As a vegetarian, have you noticed an increase in popularity in regards to vegetarian products being sold in restaurants/retail stores? How much of an increase? Yes, I think it's more and more common that restaurants are providing many vegitarian options, and that non-vegitarians are trying and...
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    UK Alias Convention #3 2006

    :gah: I think she means have to ring up or buy via the mail now...I don't like talking to people on the phone and I don't trust the postal service...:lol:
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    Songs edited for length

    Hmm, I was going to start a topic for long songs, but I guess this sort of fits. My favourite songs over about 5 or so minutes are: The Alarm - Spirit of '76 Jeff Buckley - Halleluja Bob Dylan - Hurricane Some of my favourite songs I would get a bit bored of after 8 minutes, but there are some...
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    My iPod

    Nope. I stopped listening to music when I was thirteen or so. I only started again this year, and everything I bought, bar a couple of CDs I bought, I bought on vinyl, so I haven't bought them on MP3/CD format because there was no need, but when I do, I'm sure I'll be able to make up the...
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    "Brat Camp"

    Haven't seen the US version, but there's been two series of it so far here. Loved it.