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  1. Stado

    Why do you not like Myspace?

    I don't trust the Internet and its plethora of communities. Especially the emo community.
  2. Stado

    Pure Bred Hero

    No, that's not what I meant. What I'm trying to say is, is that I feel there shouldn't be an option to only play as one class. This is because I want to be a Necromancer/Something, likely a Gearknight. Now then, were the option to play as only one class available to the player base, then I would...
  3. Stado

    Pure Bred Hero

    To shorten what I've been saying, the thing is, I don't want to be a Necromancer/Gearknight and be any less of a necromancer than a Necromancer/Necromancer. Get it? I want to be all the necromancer I can be, preferably without having to only be a necromancer.
  4. Stado

    Pure Bred Hero

    Well, in essence, I see HJ's class system as this: by choosing Wizard as your main class, you're in all ways a wizard and would/should be equal to a pure Wizard. Of course you also get to choose a secondary class that will likely only supplement your main class, adding very little flavour to the...
  5. Stado

    Pure Bred Hero

    I personally would never elect to play a non-hybrid character, as the class system of HJ is one of the many things that peeks my interests. If Simu did allow people to simply be a pure bred of a single class for the sake of retaining that class' name, then I feel that a person shouldn't be...
  6. Stado

    I have a beard!

    I get it... *sniffle*
  7. Stado

    Public Execution

    I like the idea of jailing those of lesser notoriety (i.e. they only broke a rule once or twice). Public executions should be saved for those truly notorious individuals (i.e. annoyingly pervasive individuals whom continually break the rules).
  8. Stado

    AFK EXPing

    If by rested xp you mean the +% blue bar as seen in WoW, then heck yes. I loved the blue bar. It allowed me to level up three characters to level 60 all at once. But of course, I'm with the rest of you on the issue of afk grinding, macroing and botting. A good ol' mob training does wonders in...
  9. Stado

    I have a beard!

    I'm right there with you, Darrt, but it's certainly a dream of dreamers. However, if it's any consolation, a mischievous qwi of necromantic inclinations shall one day uphold and defend all symbolism that is the bearded drunkenness of burians. Of that I am certain.
  10. Stado

    What is the =maximum= that you'd be willing to pay for a game?

    Heck, I'd be willing to pay $100 for a collector's edition of HJ, well, so long as there was an actual difference. It doesn't even have to have some in-game tangibility. Give me a few goodies, the odd behind-the-making DVD, and an art book and I'll be happy with spending nearly twice as much for...