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    Finally a halo movie

    I hope it's good
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    Need Tech Help

    Like all the music cherry has made? Or his entire music library?
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    Armor Lock argument

    So guys, here it is at long last. What are your thoughts on Armor Lock for Halo Reach? Can it be used in a "Pro" way? Or is it only for hopeless noobs? Leave your thoughts below, and let's try and keep it civil in here.
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    Christmas Presents

    16 gb iPad Red dead redemption socks a shirt a photo album iPad case
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    Boy Friend Vs. Girl Friend pt.1

    Women are tricky. When they say felgercarb like they wanna go out and have fun with their girlfriends we can really only take them at their word. However when she says that she got "pulled in" where were her friends? And in that case she has no reasonable grounds to get angry or upset with the...
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    What we look like

    This doesnt really belong in the debate forum, so im moving it to the General forum.
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    What we look like

    Everyone knows what i look like.
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    Game of the Year

    I'm still waiting for 2 games to come out, so when they do, i'll let you know!
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    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Launch Trailer

    No offense guys but Naruto is gay.
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    Game Dev Story

    Good review man, i'll keep my eyes open for the game!
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    Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

    i'll have to download it. The first one was really good though
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    Also, if someone offers criticism about the map, don't get all mopey and delete the whole thing, do what they say, and try to improve it. No one gets it right the first time around.
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    All you have to do is ask nicely, not send me hate mail.
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    Motion Control

    and it will take a long time for motion control to be utilized as well.
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    is threr away i can help

    See? right there. You spelled everything fine. Keep doing that.
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    is threr away i can help

    First thing you can do is fix your spelling. I have no words that would do justice to the atrocities you commit to the English language, as well as your continued assaults on the concepts of basic literacy and logical reasoning
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    contest time with kratos

    How is this a contest? Just seems like blabbering to me.
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    Bad News

    Kind of a dumb trade. You can find table saws for pretty cheap.
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    No halo reach for me? No TV for everyone

    What a little punk. He deserved to get sprayed.
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    Today's the Big Day!!!

    HELL yeah.