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    Time to Give up Hope?

    No Daax, but I hear Simu's staff cafeteria needs a new sous chef.
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    So I found a little slice of heaven..

    Uh uh, not me. I'd fall off in the middle of the night when I stumble out there to let the dogs felgercarb.
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    Welcome to our little corner of insanity. Pull up a chair and Hero's Journey will be 'with you soon'. Don't mind the musty skeletons in the other chairs, Hero's Journey will be 'with them soon' as well.
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    Need Game!

    My wife and I just restared in EQ2 since we are gaming addicts and can't bear to be without. If anyone else wants to get started all over again, we'd love to team up. We're on the Lucan RP server and each of us has a large number of young toons (we're also alt-aholics) over in...
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    Happy Birthday Llillith

    Hehe, thanks. It's not every year someone turns 50 (duh!) so I'm taking the day off of work and just going to be a slug around the house.
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    Perfect World? Pretty Close!

    Is anyone else having a difficult time registering on Cubizone's site? I keep getting the dreaded 'server cannot be found' message whenever I click on the account registration link on the Perfect World main page. I've got the game downloaded and installed just fine (I think) and I'm...
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    Tabula Rasa

    I too have been testing TR. The action is fast and intense, no waiting for spawns. In fact, it's tough to just catch your breath when you're not in one of the camps. I've enjoyed it so far, though crafting is much too expensive. I don't think it's a game I could play every night, because...
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    Possible class combo names

    Fighter/wizard = AccidentLookingForAPlaceToHappen
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    HJ-Steph, about late update

    What I find disheartening is Steph's comment about after she finally gets someone to code the webpage for this particular update she goes on to say "From there we're hoping to just do a few months of screen shots" In other words we can expect at least four months or more of nothing...
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    Little things in MMOs that would mean a lot

    If I'm not mistaken, Nav.....housing in DoAC was zoned. Better than instanced, but still not out there where passersby would see them.
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    HJ article at

    Been there, read it. Sigh, nothing new. The character customization that has the author gushing....wasn't that revealed back at E3 2004 or something like that? Back to trolling the mmorpg site, looking for the next piece of felgercarb to for a day....uninstall....rinse and repeat.
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    What road shall you walk upon?

    Re: What road shallyou walk upon? Hmm, my chosen vocation is not on the list. Still gonna do it though since Llillith cannot be anything but a ....... Deranged Despot!
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    The Dedication

    I have to agree with Scaledfang in that the uniqueness that was GS (didn't play DR much) will have a tough time translating into a graphical MMO. After all, the graphical capability of the human mind (read imagination here) compared to that of even the leetest computer rig out there is like...
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    To all VG refugees or others interested!

    I was suggesting that by not making use of a game's mechanics you take away, at least in game, the chance that if someone with the authority gets their nose bent out of shape, they boot someone from the guild, with no discussion or whatever, and voila...instant drama. I know, I saw it happen...
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    To all VG refugees or others interested!

    If you want to make a true leaderless guild, then don't make a guild in-game! What I mean is, make a guild in game, but don't use their mechanics for it. So what if your guild name doesn't appear above your head? Everyone in the guild will know everyone else in the guild if you develop a...
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    Please welcome...

    Since you can't use your powers for evil I guess we don't have to worry about you summoning meunsters I take it. BTW, welcome. Llillith, Empress of Rodentia and lover of all things cheese.
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    Oops, I did it again.

    The wife and I also recently re-upped our SWG subs. If you want to try it from the start on a fresh server, Riceman, join us over on the new test server, TC Prime. Look for Chesou or Yko.
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    Yeah, just the one time....though I have heard rumors that it involved three lady friends, a hot tub, an outdoor electical socket and a long metal barbecue fork.
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    Forum Burnout

    Seems I only have time to check in here a couple of times a week and then I don't post, because for the most part there isn't much to add to the steaming piles of, yeah that's it, that is accumulating while you all wait for your HJ beta invites. I keep telling the...
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    Yup, release on the 30th, Cordy. Beta ends on the 23rd. Guess they need a week to prepare their obituaries and/or book their flights to parts unknown (book a week in advance and they can get cheaper tickets). I'm running an Athlon 3400 with 2 gigs ram and an ATI x1650 with 512 megs ram...