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  1. French Kiss

    Omg! Leik, hi !

    Woaaah...I didn't put nearly enough stuff in MY "Hello" thread...bah oh!
  2. French Kiss

    Iiiiiiiii'm Adrianne!!!

    Welcome and all that :) er...Cute name?
  3. French Kiss

    Post a picture of you.

    Tee hee...Manimal. That made me giggle. Girasol is indeed very pretty! I need to find some pictures..blah..
  4. French Kiss

    2 New Hero's Journey Screenshots!

    Ooh I do hope this means a steady income of information to hold us over..*crosses fingers, toes, and anything else cross-able*
  5. French Kiss

    GFX A commercial I wrote

    Thats better...Viva le France! :)
  6. French Kiss

    City of Villains

    Ahh I chose virtue because well its the iunofficial RP server >.<
  7. French Kiss

    What is your current outlook on the status and progress of Hero's Journey?

    It has been rather quiet...An update of some sort would be nice. This game has SO much potential.
  8. French Kiss

    Some found bard/healer/cleric info

    Like woah...Mass rezz? Thats really very neat...gosh I have no clue what combo I'm going to try. Wizard/something definatly....
  9. French Kiss

    Guess Who's Back...

    Welcome back...oh what the hell. *Hugs Daax*
  10. French Kiss

    Fantasy Accents

    I type out a french accent in CoH. It's...'ow you say? Tres bon! An accent (if done right) can add something special to a character.
  11. French Kiss

    GFX Free signatures!

    Tee hee...well I'm going for a balance of both really...and I think I can do it :)
  12. French Kiss

    GFX Free signatures!

    Okay Nav..that was hilarious. *Dies* Hahah! Thaos thats one very pretty enchantress...but yeah way busty. I have this image for the character (Seleni) in mind. Shes going to be all about having fun, very charming, flashy, and sweet. It'll be perfect if bard/wiz or wiz/bard would come out to...
  13. French Kiss

    GFX Free signatures!

    Aww man! I do like it....but umm...well its not -exactly- what I was picturing. Kind of dark O.o I was thinking a load of pastel colors like pink, light blue, purple, white, maybe some gold or silver accents...umm something along the lines of this. or See I'm planning on doing...
  14. French Kiss

    Goodbye....For Now...

    It's a good thing I wore black today..*sniff* Farewell kind sir.
  15. French Kiss

    GFX Free signatures!

    Hmm...well I could take a look at some pictures, but I want something colorful. I'm going to attempt my best at making an enchantress/illusionist in this game, so lots of sparkly lights and colors. Obviously somewhere in there would be the pretty blonde, blue eyed, elf girl....Hmm...*think think...
  16. French Kiss

    Roleplaying a Paladin

    I see paladin's as the classic knight in shining armor...rescuing some damsel in distress...knowing my er...luck, I'll need close by :(
  17. French Kiss

    Generation Pong.

    Welcome to the boards and stuff! :)
  18. French Kiss


    Oh wow, sorry I haven't been posting lately. The other game you know (real life) has been taking up loads of my time.