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    It Was Destiny

    ‘It Was Destiny’ xMountineer02300844x Rating: PG13 Genre: Alternate Universe, Romance, Fluff Ship: Sydney/Vaughn Disclaimer: I own nothing, it belongs to J.J. Abrams. However, I own the plot, my computer, & my notebook. Summary: Sydney was married to Danny until he passed away four years ago...
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    The Summer to Remember

    A/N: Since I'm almost finished with two stories, I've decided to add one for the summer. :) If you guys like it, I will update as soon as I've update three other fics. Enjoy! :D -Erin :) ‘The Summer to Remember’ xMountineer02300844x Rating: PG13 for language Ship: S/V Genre: Romance, AU...
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    What It All Comes Down To

    Another fan fic by xMountineer02300844x. I just can't stop coming up with good new ideas. I can and will handle all my fan fics with at least an update every week or two. R&R please. Tell me if I should continue. :) 'What It All Comes Down To' Author: xMountineer02300844 (Erin) Rating...
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    Until the Time Comes

    Until the Times Comes xMountineer02300844x Rating: PG-PG-13ish Disclaimer: I own nothing, except for the things I have made up Summary: Sydney Bristow-Vaughn, 29, is a high school English teacher, track coach, and ex-SD-6/CIA/APO agent. She is married to ex CIA handler and APO agent Michael...
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    xMountineer02300844x's (Erin's) Fics

    :oldhi: Welcome to my listing of all current, complete, and upcoming fics. -erin :) GENERAL FICTION -->Fiction that does not involve any romantic relationships at all; in other words, fiction that I cannot write because I am a major S/V shipper. Beneath the Ice *Note: This fic was originally...
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    Which morning show?

    Please vote for your favorite morning show. It's been in the papers and magazines before but I wanted to see what everyone at AA thought! *Is this in the right forum?
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    ipod mini

    I was just on and found no ipod mini link. Does anyone know if they're not selling them anymore? Please help.
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    The Photo Album

    Hi! This is my second fic! I hope you like it. This story has been stuffed inside my head forever so I decided to post it. I'll post more if I get feedback/suggestions back! :D I apologize for mistakes. Erin <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>CHAPTER ONE</span> Dear Diary...
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    Happy Birthday Melissa George!

    Happy Birthday Melissa George! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! :balloons: 🎂 :balloons:
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    Happy Birthday Merrin Dungey!

    Happy Birthday to Merrin Dungey! I hope you have a fantastic day. :balloons: 🎂 :balloons:
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    Mia on GMA

    Mia Maestro was on Good Morning America this morning at 8:32. Anyone see it? She sings too. (I found that out from the interview)
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    Alias: Square One

    Hi! This is my first fic. Title: ALIAS: Square One Author: Erin Where it starts: Right when the car crash is going to happen Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the characters I have made up Rating: PG-PG13 Summary: Sydney and Vaughn must start fresh. Old enemies and people from the...
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    Truth Takes Time

    Remember back to Season 2, when Irina said "Truth takes time."? After two years Sydney and the everyone else has realized why Irina has been getting Rambaldi artifacts before Sydney, SD-6, and the CIA can get them. Now Sydney is finding everything out, including the news about Vaughn. (This...