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  1. PrestoAdam

    Release Date Poll

    Sorry to say, but I have little confidence in HJ being produced. More likely the engine will be used in other games. For now, I am looking at Darkfall...
  2. PrestoAdam

    Welcome back

    Awesome. Been checking everyday for this. Good job!
  3. PrestoAdam

    It is pitch dark. You are likely to be eatten by an NDA.

    Oh no, where's the Grue!
  4. PrestoAdam

    HJ release set to N/A

    I still think HJ has potential, so I will lurk and I will wait. In the interum, Age of Conan is my current target.
  5. PrestoAdam

    Lessons from LOTRO

    Dune, good Zork rendition, brings back memories. 'Echo' to get the platinum bar :) This morning I was trying to imagine what a fun dungeon romp would be like, and immediately I thought of Dragon's Lair, that cartoon-like game that came out a decade or so ago. There was this one part where...
  6. PrestoAdam

    Lessons from LOTRO

    Hello all, it's been a VERY long time since I posted. I've been hanging out in LOTRO, with great expectations of where that game would go. It is probably too soon to say that LOTRO will ultimately fail, but I already see signs of its faltering, and I thought I would share my opinion...
  7. PrestoAdam

    Names, Nicknames, Aliases and the like..

    With the exception of the 'secret' name, LotRO has the prefixes and suffixes covered. You can also change your surname fairly at-will.
  8. PrestoAdam

    Gdc 2007

    A very cool video. I am looking at LotRO right now, worried that HJ will go into beta and I will have to decide between the two. From the interview, sounds like HJ will not be out until, at best, very late 2007. Think I'll give LotRO a shot, but I have to admit the video started rekindling...
  9. PrestoAdam

    What would you like a screenshot of?

    The most important metric for me, short of actually playing, is getting a good look at the UI.
  10. PrestoAdam

    Discipline and Pwnage

    That was an excellent article, thank you very much for referring me to it. I was in WoW from day one. I actually was at the Fry's Electronics in Orange County at 12am when the game was released. I still have photos of the line going around Frys....twice. I played WoW for 10 months, and by...
  11. PrestoAdam


    The WoW language thing was made worse by the fact that during beta, you could communicate. Without the ability to communicate, it was like half the game was taken away from both sides.
  12. PrestoAdam

    Computer Problems

    Frosty, beware of Vista. I have been beta testing for several months now. The Digital Rights Management component is insidious. It is tracking what you are doing. I am sticking to XP.
  13. PrestoAdam

    Roleplaying By Design

    I would not call myself a role player, but I am open to the idea of role playing. As you say in your original post Navarre, rewards for role playing will most likely result in more role playing behaviour by players. As to what reward would accomplish this goal, for myself at least, I am...
  14. PrestoAdam

    Who loves to solo?

    Wow, this is turning into an interesting statistic. From the other threads, I somehow came to the inaccurate conclusion that solo play is not popular. I am happy to see that I was misguided in that perception. I hope Simutronics gives solo play the attention it appears many of us think...
  15. PrestoAdam

    Who loves to solo?

    Since the other two styles were mentioned, I felt this one should be too. If I had to divide my time in these MMOGs (where G = Grind), I would do 10% PVP, 50% PVE (either parties or raids), and 40% Solo. By solo, I mean crafting, selling, working the auction house, exploring, and even...
  16. PrestoAdam

    Vanguard SoH

    I totally agree Milamber. My complaint about Vanguard, and I have been in since beta 1, is that the game is purely functional. There is no humor, whimsy, or unessential in the world. In other words, the game is totally sterile. In a town, there are no NPCs who do not need to be there. No...
  17. PrestoAdam

    Your Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time

    C'mon folks, lets keep things civil in here. To get back on topic, I thought MOO3 was awful, truly an insult to the series. SWG was a letdown as well, and I had been waiting for that one since 1979! Other crappy games elude my memory, either because I am too damn old, or because I never...
  18. PrestoAdam

    Your Top 10 Video Games of all time

    OMG! I forgot Nethack!!!
  19. PrestoAdam

    Your Top 10 Video Games of all time

    Top 10? Easier to split an atom with my swiss army knife than do this. Here goes: 1. Wasteland 2. Ultima IV 3. Ultima III 4. Gyruss 5. World of Warcraft 6. Doom 7. Might and Magic 8. SimCity 9. Civilization 10. Master of Orion This list is not in order. MOO, for instance...
  20. PrestoAdam

    What classes are you going to play?

    Great topic! I am looking at: Wizard/Bard Wizard/Rogue