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    ABC to End 'Alias' Run in May 2006

    Hey guess what guys. I've known about this for DAYS. The Web site "Blog Is the New Black" ( posted the story days ago, and I submitted it to this site and other Alias sites, but none of them would post them for some reason. Now that ABC released a statement, they...
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    Season 5 ALL Vaughn speculation

    My buddy just alerted me to a Web site called "Blog Is the New Black." Apparently, the writer is a big Alias and J.J. fan and he's already dedicated some space to Alias discussion. He's got a column called "This Month's Obsessions." Among this month's is "contemplating Vaughn's true...
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    Season 5: Part II

    In my "world," Jack new that Sydney's pregnancy was foretold by Rambaldi and that it seemed to be the key to everything. But he did not know that Sloane had abducted her and assembled the device and impregnated her. By devising the Rambaldi hoax strategy, he was hoping to distract the Rambaldi...
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    Season 5: Part II

    SEASON 5 - PART II Episode 5x12 (Guest Stars - Gina Torres) -There's been a six month gap between episodes 11 and 12 -Vaughn is still working with APO on a provisional basis to locate Sydney -Anna Espinosa returns to the mix and may be a clue to Sydney's disappearance Episode 5x13 -APO and...
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    Season 5: Part II

    So a few days ago I posted my ideas for the fifth and final season of "Alias," taking into account the recent Vaughn cliffhanger, Mia Maestro's status as a recurring player, Jennifer Garner's assumed pregnancy and the unlikelihood of having Lena Olin and Isabella Rossellini on hand for more than...
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    Season 5

    What a finale! I know some people are up in arms about Vaughn's revelation, and by the idea of next season being Alias' last. But I couldn't help but brainstorm how things could wrap up, and I think I have a fun plan. This isn't fleshed out fanfic, just plot points for next season. I took...