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    Valentine Kiss

    Great chapters! Thanks for the pm.
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    After Life

    Interesting and thrilling story
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    Valentine Kiss

    good two chapters,waiting to see,how this develop.
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    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    well,I saw this last episode today.I voted it was great,although I dont quite know,what to think of it.Jack and Irina could have stayed alive, in my opinion ,Irina was more evil than I thought,Rambaldi thing still left mysterious,but good episode,all and all.
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    A boy

    Welcome,Nitin.You are poetic,good with words.
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    Season 3 Reaction to 3.12 "Crossings"

    I haveseenitmanytimes,butrated it onlynow.I think itwas great,syd andvaghn moments were touching,katya was interesting and lauren was a bitch as always.
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    Great chapter! Irina is good what she do,as always.Wonder who called her.Thanks for pm.
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    A Cypress Scandal

    Good does have gossp girl stylle down.Looking forward more action.Thanks for pm.
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    Episode 2.02 Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)

    This was agreat episode.I just started wacthing this serie this fall.It is great,although quite soap-operaish.
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    wow,kukaan ei ole kirjoittanut tänne aikoihin.Viimeinen kausi on melkein lopussa.Se on ollut vähän kummallinen. Käsikirjoittajien on kai täytynyt keksiä kaikkea merkillistä,kun kunnon ideoita ei oikein ole ollut. osa siitä silti hyvä.Outoa, pian ei enää Aliasta.
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    Good chapters! thanks for pm.
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    It Runs in the Family

    this is different one.John Cuvee,sydneys halfbrother? is he geralds cuves son?
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    Season 5 React: There's Only One Sydney Bristow

    i voted good,but actually it is between good and great.I loved will scenes,he doing krav bomb in the brain..what they come up next? Isabelle was sweet.funny that in 4400 and alias both have same baby name.
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    Great chapter! Thanks fo pm.Alexandra and Vaughn finally meet! it is gonna be complicated.By the way,my Russian teacher in community gollege said,that sasha is mens nickname,not a woman.Maybe it should be saskia,or something,but makes no diffefrence.
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    moya boje,indeed for those two! Haratso! Great chapters!
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    Great chapters! Sasha has many iron in fire.Thanks for the pm.
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    Last letter game! 2

    Enigma,..that whole show is.
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    A-Z of alias #4

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    In Reverse

    This story is good.reverse thing is orking.
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    Guess the Episode!

    season 4,ep.4,the Ice