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    Season 5 CountDown to Series Finale

    In my heart, there is no ending in ALIAS, it always keep running :redhair: :o But I do hope the book can keep the orgional storyline without cutting any of them
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    Season 5 So Much Violence

    Sad to see Nadia dead. But it is clearly show Nadia's dead lead Sloane to Rambaldi again!! THIS CLEARLY showed Nadia IS PASSENGER!! and we all just sit there and see another Rambaldi's ENDGAME
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    Season 5 CountDown to Final Season

    it's time can't wait
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    Season 5 How they faked his death!

    FIRST of ALL I REALLY DON'T WANT MICHAEL DEAD but when I checked the official web site, ALL the things about Michael is GONE. :ph34r: Then does that mean, he is really ... :down: