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    GFX Green Goblin

    Ok mate, thanks for the advice :)
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    GFX Green Goblin

    Ok thanks Rumour. I will try that. Do you think the colour of the text should be different?
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    GFX Green Goblin

    Just finished this, easily my best piece of work so far (which isn't saying much). I just need a tip on the text though. My biggest problem is getting good text.
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    GFX First Render sig

    Ye it looks like you can see the outer line. But thats because it put an outer glow around him. Looks pretty bad now, im gonna take that off.
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    GFX First Render sig

    Yo guys, i just made my first signature with a render in it. Please could give some advice on how to make it look more interesting. Also, just basically improve it. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks :)
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    Resources 1400+ C4D Renders

    How do you download them though? I know im a noob :). But im new so can someone tell me how to download these C4D's please.
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    Tutorial Beginners

    They are extremely hard and don't know how to do half of the things. :( What sites did the designers use when they first started.
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    Tutorial Beginners

    Hey guys, can anyone recommend a good place with tutorials for beginners. I have just started but i dont know where the best tutorials are that will help me the most. Thanks
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    GFX First work

    I have just started using photoshop adn this is a piece of my first work. This is my first attempt at making a logo for my team. Could you please tell me your thoughts and suggestions on how to improve it and take it to the next level. Thanks
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    Hello there

    Ok, i will keep it steady. :)
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    GFX SOTW Entry

    Thats cool work man.
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    GFX Tekken

    Nice sig man, but what is a BG?
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    GFX Sotw - anime

    Thats really good Comber, i can't wait until i can do work like this.
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    Resources Read.

    Thanks for the help Furide, they are very useful sites.
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    Resources Usefull Sites

    I used this site called . It is very useful for beginners and helped me out a lot.
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    GFX My Sigs.

    Nice work man.
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    GFX Latest

    Who is that :eek: Nice effects.
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    GFX New

    Thats nice man. Rhianna is :cool:
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    Whats up yo.
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    Who do you support?

    I myself am a Tottenham fan. What about you guys?