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    Fearless Alias,Sydney goes to New york

    Hi! this is my first fanfic here.It is crossover with alias and my favotite book serie,Fearless. Started almost year ago in another forum. Today its started here. Characters:Sydney,Jack,Sloane,Vaughn,Gaia,Ed ,Tom,Loki and others. Time: Macrch 2001,end of first or beginning second season of...
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    Hi! Newbie from far north,lol!

    Hi! I am Outi,a.k.a Gaia,from Finland,thas why far from north.I have been great Alias fan for two years now. I started wacthing it from second season,and I thought: wow,mother that is terrost and shot her daugeter,spy dad and sloane,this is one hell of show! It remembered me of my favorite book...