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    C & C The Names Bond

    yeah the eyes arent good cos i used a LQ stock for some reason :( , im getting there me hopes The Names Bond by FD-Collateral on DeviantArt
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    C & C M Shadows Vector

    Ok so this is my first real vector , the time taken and all that is in the description on DA , i know its not perfect and i messed up the right hand but im personally very happy with it :) M Shadows Vector by FD-Collateral on DeviantArt
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    C & C Have a *******

    Have a xmas ******* on me Christmas Cracker by FD-Collateral on DeviantArt
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    C & C Creative Computing Contents

    Well i dno how many of you saw the cover but here is the double spread contents page need feedback so please comment on DA or here :)
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    C & C Creative Computing ( Editorial )

    Ok so its the cover , i havent released the content yet , PLEASE please please comment on DA , i need to get it spot on Creative Computing by FD-Collateral on DeviantArt xx
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    C & C The Worlds Secrets

    A New typography piece The Worlds Secrets by FD-Collateral on DeviantArt Please comment and fave or watch etc on DA :)
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    C & C Web Design

    like my first attempt so its not pro , took a while Orange Clan Template by FD-Collateral on DeviantArt
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    C & C Mr Robot

    What you think ? not sure myself , not a great fan of the theme
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    C & C MGS Colourful

    For SOTW on a dff site , what you think
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    C & C New shizz

    Whats up , just throwin some new tags out , what you think , if you use planet renders then you can find most of these no sale for PR and LR and some on FR
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    C & C Recent Work

    I havent posted here really since the work :\ , forums just seem a little unorganized and messy to be completey honest and the google ads make me want to kill myself but anyway - 100% from scratch with brushes and smudge
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    C & C First EVER Digipaint :)

    So yeah its my first ever , all done with a 9px brush , took a few hours , please comment on DA :) First Digipaint by FD-Collateral on DeviantArt
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    C & C Some of the Collat

    Well might aswell post some of my work , i normally get ranked Inter or Reeeeally high mod
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    C & C DJ Collat Yo

    So i made a new LP , Read the comment on DA cos i had major help , and im super happy with it :)
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    C & C Summer 08 Tag Wall

    Leave comments on DA please :) , its not the best tag wall ever but im happy with it which is all that counts right ? :whistling: Summer 08 Tag Wall by FD-Collateral on DeviantArt
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    C & C Abstract Sigs

    Some new abstract ones , been practicin smudge nd stuff
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    C & C Webpage Design

    So its for a enterprise thing at school , leave comments on DA to please :)
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    C & C New Tags

    Well in my inactivity lately i have put a few tags together , see what you think
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    C & C Guy in a Suit

    Well i quite like it altho i no the focal is a little lost text is just for the rippers 8-)
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    C & C Micheal Scofield

    i love prison break