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    Relate Alias to Australia

    or... A TRU ALIAS
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    Relate Alias to Australia

    Rearranging the letters in AUSTRALIA, we get: U ALIAS RAT :lol:
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    Relate Alias to Australia

    Hmmm.... AustrALIAS :P :P :P
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    Alias Characters Go for Job Interviews

    Sloane: You and I are destined to work together. Interviewer: Ok then.
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    Alias Characters Go for Job Interviews

    Marshall... Interviewer: Why do you want to work for SD-5, Mr. Flinkman? Marshall: I like working for the good guys. You are the good guys, right? good guys normally wear goatees like that? It looks...kind of...sinister-like.... no offense Interviewer: We aren't recruiting at the...
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    Alias Characters Go for Job Interviews

    One for the Sarkster... Interviewer: So you wish to work for me, Mr. Sark? Sark: More of a partnership, really. My brains, your skill... Interviewer: You flatter yourself...What practical skills do you have? Sark: I specialize in escaping from the CIA. Interviewer: Says here you've done that...
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    Alias Characters Go for Job Interviews

    I'll start with Gordon Dean. Somehow, I just don't think he was up to snuff as a main villain in season 5. Uninspiring. So here's how I see him: Interviewer: So...Gordon Dean, is it? What have you done in your career as a villain? Dean: Nothing that the authorities will ever know about...
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    Tom Grace/Sydney Bristow

    How about no relationship for Sydney for a while? Who says Syd always has be attached to someone or trying to get attached? Let her cool off for a season. Turn the focus to someone else for a change. The main point of Alias is not Syd's love life anyway. :P
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    Season 5 Rate: "Prophet Five"

    I rate this an OK, because as a season premiere, it needed to have more excitement. For me, Alias is not about romantic relationships, but the story. Character interactions yes, but not romance per se. Vaughn's death does not elicit much feeling from me. I don't really care about him except...
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    Season 4 Rambaldi Endgame

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    Season 4 LENA'S BACK!

    While I am glad Irina is back, I can't help but wonder how many other people have been doubled using Project Helix. How many other people can be brought back to life with this explanation? For that matter, how do we know for sure that the Irina in custody isn't the double?
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    Season 4 Even Bigger Than I Expected

    Wow...even though it mostly happened as I expected, seeing it deployed on such a scale was breathtaking. Rambaldi Endgame To make a red ball the size of several city blocks would require the Circumference/Mueller Device to be even bigger. It would have to be part of the city's infrastructure...
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    Season 4 Rambaldi Endgame

    I now have a rudimentary theory on the Rambaldi endgame. Throughout the series, and especially in this season, there has been a preoccupation by the various players/factions with recovering dangerous chemicals and bioweapons. Could it be that the whole Rambaldi mystery revolves around...
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    Season 4 Water, Rambaldi, Sloane

    Actually, Sloane did succeed in altering the water supply so that people would become more passive, more peaceful. He just didn't realize that the Orchid's chemical effect could be reversed. That is, reversed so that it produces the opposite effect: aggressiveness instead of passiveness. I...
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    Season 4 Quotes!

    Jack: (describing the monkeys) Cute. I mean, when would you ever hear Jack use that word? That's how I knew something wasn't right with his mind. That and the fact that he seemed too upbeat and smiling during the doctor visits.
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    Worst Temper

    I think some here are confusing temper with evil deeds done in cold calculation or after some deliberation. Temper is the tendency to fly off the handle, to become angry in the heat of the moment. Temper tantrums tend to be hot but brief and may just as often involve matters of small...
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    Best Hair

    Hey, where's Kendall on that list? He's got my vote. :sideroll:
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    Which Alias Character For President?

    President Jack Bristow Because he is the ultimate game theorist/strategist. His foreign policy maneuvering would run circles around Russia/China/EU/Mideast. 🦊 During election campaigns, he would probably come across as a cold fish though. He needs to learn to kiss and hold babies...
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    Dreams you've had about Alias

    I've had a few recently, so here's another one: I am in this dimly lit, cavernous warehouse where everything is tinted a gloomy blue. The room is chock full of equipment of various size, shape and composition. Some of it is mundane, household utensils and gadgets. Some are clearly industrial...
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    Dreams you've had about Alias

    I have just infiltrated an enemy hospital with an unspecified partner. We need to disguise ourselves as doctors, so we mug a couple of physicians and drag them into a supply room. We hide the unconscious bodies amid the equipment, but before we can don the doctors' garb, we hear a pair of...